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How many times a piece? She was his third great love, and many wanted to believe that she was his last. Maybe even Johnny Depp himself thought so …

In the darkened room, she couldn’t see his face; she didn’t know who she was. They shook hands. She shivered. Johnny Depp Vanessa Paradis They separated, to the regret of the fans, after 14 years together. They have two children and $ 300 million in joint property. Though they never formalized their relationship, They were not spared the division of responsibilities towards children, as well as the fight for money. When such sums are involved, there is no question of sentiment. Good manners are also forgotten, as are memories of what happened together.

They have long been the heroes of a tale of fiery love at first sight, which happens once and never passes away.

Venessa is a French singer, known all over the world, incl. from the hit “Joe le taxi”; Johnny – American star from Hollywood. They met for the first time in 1994.but then Johnny was with Kate Moss and Vanessa loved Lenny Kravitz. Apparently, she had already noticed him then, but there were too many between them for them to get closer. But in 1998, Deep came to Paris with the crew for the film “The Ninth Gate,” directed by Roman Polański.

– I am indebted to Polański, thanks to him I have children – he repeated often, because it was the director who introduced him to Vanessa. She recalled their meeting as follows:

– We were in a dark room, I couldn’t even see his face, I didn’t know who he was. We shook hands and I shivered. It was chemistry.

Vanessa believed Johnny would remain with her forever

Strange, because the actor was known for his riotous lifestyle, problems with the law and numerous romances. Among his many relationships, two that last a little longer are worth mentioning: with actress Winona Ryder, and with model Kate Moss. He even proposed to the former and tattooed Winona Forever on his forearm. And when this relationship broke up, he replaced the tattoo with a more universal one – “Wine Forever” (Wine Forever).

Then Johnny Depp lost his head for Kate Moss, who reigned in his heart for four long years, but in 1998 he dumped her for Vanessa. The third and – as she thought – the last of his great love. When they met, Vanessa was 26 years old and has long been the star of not only French songs, but also European cinema. From the age of 18, she was already living on her own account. She made a fortune, mostly in Chanel commercials.

She had love affairs. She was a scandalist.

Life gave me a d …. so I live my way – she would say.

The meeting with Depp changed her

They were both at the bend, lonely yet surrounded by crowds of admirers. They both needed a haven and family warmth. After three months, they were expecting a baby. This cemented their relationship. Although they never formalized it, they decided to stick with them forever.

– With Johnny, I believed in myself. He taught me to play the guitar and I started composing, ‘confessed Vanessa. And Depp echoed her:

– I understood what happiness is. If it weren’t for Vanessa, I don’t know if I would have lived to be forty. She changed me. He even abandoned Hollywood for her. They bought a house in the south of France, and later in Los Angeles, England, Venice, and apartments in Paris and Manhattan, New York. In 2004, they bought a small private island in the Caribbean. However, they spent most of their time at home in the French countryside.

In 1999, their daughter Lily-Rose was born to them, and three years later – their son Jack. Johnny assisted his beloved in childbirth, cut umbilical cords. Once they became a family, they kept their privacy to an exaggeration. Depp settled down, stopped partying. At that time, he also created excellent acting creations. But it was his family that he said was the most important to him.

While the nosy journalists listened to what he had discussed so fiercely with Angelina Jolie during the filming of “The Tourist”, they only heard scraps of conversations about their little ones. When Lily-Rose fell ill and was rescued from kidney failure in a children’s hospital in London, Johnny visited young patients there dressed as Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and read them a fairy talei. And when his daughter recovered, he saved the facility $ 2 million out of gratitude.

I have already found my paradise (“paradise” in English means paradise) – he often repeated. “I don’t want to remember what I was doing before I met Vanessa.”

And there was something to be ashamed of. Johnny grew up in a broken family and cared little about adults. He was a terrible student, he behaved even worse – he drank in moderation, tried all possible drugs at the age of 14, and was imprisoned for car theft.

“I was hopeless,” he admitted.

He dreamed of a music career and played guitar in the band The Kids. If it weren’t for the actor Nicholas Cage, he would have ended up as a pens salesman at best. However, Cage suggested him acting and recommended him to his agent. And so Depp found the set of his first film, the horror film “Nightmare on Elm Street”. Subsequent roles and then roles gave him more and more scope to show off. Apart from the film, he also showed what he could do, getting caught up in various scandalous situations. He drank, demolished bars, fought reporters, tugged at paparazzi.

He was drugged even though he survived the death of a friend who had overdosed. Years later, he admitted that in this way he drowned out his constant fear of popularity and disbelief in his own talent. With Vanessa, Jonny Depp believed in himself, overcame complexes and understood that the family can be a support.

They didn’t think about getting married

She said it didn’t matter when you’re so close to someone. He joked that it would be inhumane to deprive her of such a beautiful name. They earned the nickname “boring” because they did not provide tabloids with any reasons for gossip.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradisphoto: Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis /

For over 10 years they have lived away from the glitz and Hollywood hustle and bustle. Sometimes they only appeared on the red carpet. Always together. They also always aroused curiosity and even envy. Depp received more and more interesting offers. After Polański’s “The Ninth Gate”, he played in “The Headless Horseman”, then in “Chocolate” with Juliette Binoche, in the biographical “Blow” with Penelope Cruz, in the entire series “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the main role in the Oscar-nominated “Dreamer” and the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.

It was good until he and Vanessa decided to move to Los Angeles. Although the couple’s French neighbors reportedly say that something has started to go wrong in their relationship earlier. The actor traveled to film sets and was no longer at home. That’s why Vanessa decided to move to Hollywood. Meanwhile, things had gone too far. They drifted apart. Johnny has reportedly been cheating on Paradis for years, and with various women: with Amber Heard – a 22-year younger friend from the movie “Rum covered with rum” and with Robin Baum, publisher of his biography and an agent at the same time.

When Vanessa demanded an explanation, he dismissed her, explaining that they were only business contacts. Depp and Vanessa have not been seen together since 2010. The singer did not accompany the actor during the promotion of his film “Dark Shadows” in 2012. The screen partner from The Rum Diary, Amber Heard, posed with him on the red carpet. Fans, however, were still under the illusion that these were only temporary problems that plague many a couple. Until one day, the tabloid Daily Mail wrote in capital letters: “Johnny is great at pretending, at acting, but he can no longer hide how bad his private life is.” And there was an avalanche of guesswork.

It was then that Johnny Deep decided to end them with a statement:

The last years of our relationship have been quite difficult. Definitely unpleasant at times, but that’s the nature of breakups, especially when it comes to children. That doesn’t mean Vanessa isn’t important to me. She will always be present in my life because she is the mother of my children. Lily-Rose and Jack have shown tremendous understanding and strength during this difficult time. I am proud of them.

Vanessa added:

Nothing is ever sure about love. Sometimes we have a relationship that makes us unhappy and at the same time we love someone very much. For the last few years I have been in love and unhappy. You have to be able to end such situations.

Officially, the couple broke up in harmony.

“Please, respect their privacy, and especially that of their children,” their spokeswoman appealed. Breakup after years, which the media described as paradise, shook the faith of ordinary mortals that there can be real love in show business. And so it seemed in the case of this couple. Although they never stood on the wedding carpet, they were considered the ideal family for a long time. Hollywood was shocked and disappointed when they too decided to end the relationship.

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