after a month the bill was halved, a great joy for families

By now the issue of energy saving has become truly crucial for Italian families.

Before this terrible came inflation families were trying to save a little on everything but today saving has become truly fundamental.

Pexels: the joy of saving thanks to the microwave

In fact, electricity and gas bills increased by 60% in October and many families are no longer able to pay them.

Microwave friendly to savings: joy for families

So saving becomes really crucial, but the microwave oven can be a great saving ally.


With a few tricks, the microwave oven can be really essential to cut your bill energy but first let’s see some very important tricks to save. To save at home is always important have modern fixtures that do not disperse the heating through the drafts. But to save money at home it is also very important to have LED bulbs. Many types of light bulbs are sold as energy-saving but in reality only those LEDs really allow you to save.

The most useful tricks

But another fundamental trick to save at home it is precisely that of making the washing machine and dishwasher only fully loaded and only with the eco mode. These tricks are really essential to cut the bill but the microwave oven is a great savings ally and the families who are switching to the microwave do not regret it. First of all, the microwave oven consumes much less than a traditional electric oven. So there is a strong saving from the point of view of consumption but there is also a second saving from the point of view of times. In fact, the cooking times are much lower and therefore the savings will be really immediate but let’s try to understand why and the tricks to use it at its best. The microwave oven has an important saving secret and that is, it directly heats the food but does not heat the surrounding air.

How to get big savings

Instead the traditional oven heats the air and then the air will heat the food and this, even if it may seem trivial, is actually a terrible waste of energy. The microwave oven does not heat the air and then reheats the food but directly heats the food and this means using a lot less energy. But it is always very important to remember that only the appropriate containers should be used in the microwave oven and therefore woe to use containers that they are not specifically made for the microwave oven. Qso the savings can be strong but you have to be careful to use the containers sold as specially made for this kind of oven.

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