After Dishonored and Prey, Raphael Colantonio Has Opened a New Team: The First Game Announced at the Game Awards 2019

Veteran Raphael Colantonio decided to leave Arkane after Dishonored and Prey to found the new WolfEye team, whose first game will be presented at the 2019 Game Awards.

Raphael Colantonio has decided to leave Arkane and found a new studio after a series of highly interesting titles, which have also met with good results on the market, although perhaps not at the level of the feedback obtained from critics, such as the Dishonored and Prey series.

Colantonio is a veteran of the industry, started from Electronic Arts and then passed to Arkane from the beginning with Arx Fatalis and then precisely Dishonored and Prey, until the decision to start again from indie. To this end, the designer decided to leave everything in the hands of Harvey Smith and start a new adventure by founding the WolfEye team, which apparently already has the first project ready for presentation.

The first WolfEye game, designed by Colantonio, will be presented during the 2019 Game Awards. There is no other news about it beyond a message entrusted to Twitter by the official account of the new team, but based on an interview published by VG247 it seems that the project is built with the intent to innovate on elements of the video game that go beyond the simple technological progress applied to graphics.

According to Colantonio, the idea behind WolfEye Studio is to go against industry trends dominated by graphics and focus on other elements such as interactions, physics, and artificial intelligence. We, therefore, look forward to the 2019 Game Awards evening, set for 12 December 2019, to learn about the new game in question.

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