After taking on a relationship, Anitta posts photos next to Murda Beatz in the video clip recording – Metro World News Brasil

After admitting that she is no longer single, Anitta shared with her fans a series of photos with her boyfriend, music producer Murda Beatz. The two were photographed on Thursday (16) during the backstage of the recording of a music video. (see below).

In the images, the funkeira is hugging her boyfriend, as well as appearing in a car alongside J Balvin and Quavo Huncho. They made a feat together, which should be released on the 8th of July.

Anitta took over the relationship on the 12th, the date on which Valentine’s Day was celebrated. At the time, she published a series of stories on her Instagram account in which the two appear in bed, waking up together.

“Good Morning. Today is Valentine’s Day in Brazil”, said Anitta. “Valentine’s Day in Brazil”, replied the producer.

Still in bed, the singer asked Murda about her Valentine’s Day gift: “Where is it?”.

Later, the famous declared herself with a text, also via Instagram. “Valentine’s Day in Brazil. Don’t settle for less than someone who treats you like a queen every day (not just when the calluses tighten and they’re about to lose you). Date someone who makes you feel like the most amazing and unique woman in the entire world, who respects who you are and doesn’t try to change anything about it. Who supports you, admires you, makes you move forward with your dreams. That you don’t care about what you’ve done or haven’t done, that you care about today. Make a point of everything that is important to you. Accept your flaws. Date someone who makes you walk down the street knowing that you are loved by the face%*# and worshiped as a god, because we deserve nothing less. Happy Valentine’s Day, Murda Beatz.”

Anitta declares herself to her new boyfriend

Who is Murda Beatz?

Murda Beatz is 28 years old, is a DJ and one of the main music producers today. She has worked with stars like Drake, Chris Brown, Doja Cat, Cardi B and Ariana Grande.

Murda’s real name is Shane Lee Lindstrom. In all, Anitta’s chosen one has been involved in eight Grammy-nominated albums and more than 20 that have topped the Billboard charts.


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