After the controversy, the wife of the country: A Name, makes demands on children in school

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Mark Smith, Katy, and their daughters,
After the controversy, the wife of the country: A Name, makes demands on children in a school Play: Instagram

The spread of the new coronavirus, and the decision of the quarantine on the four corners of the country, you are paying for a great private routine of thousands of brazilians, including the way in which the lives of the famous, and, of course, to the members of their families. In the past few weeks, the family of the singer Mark Smithwhich was followed by his wife Katy Smith and the girls The and Helenaten years ago, if you were involved in a big controversy attached to it.

+ Wife of Mark Smith reveal how the family has been in the quarantine

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That’s why both of them were in Europe, and in the presence of the twin daughters of country being the reason for discomfort among some of the parents in the school and one of them, with the fear that it was the spread of the disease, due to the fact that the children were in the outdoors.

+ The Ex-wife of the Boss Name escapes any details about the intimacy in the bed and

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Some of the mothers of the kids who had complained about the daughter of a member of the family, have completely ignored his fears of serious illness, which led to the start of the controversy at the school, and they took their children to the last tinsel is being promoted by the artist, which celebrate the anniversary of the girls ‘ in the last day, the 4th of march.

+ The controversy over coronavirus, in the family of a country: A Name is given a new chapter

And according to the information of a journalist and a columnist for Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper ‘The Day’, a new and curious fact about the twins was shared with: Isabella and Elena are studying in the same school, but not in the same class. The matriarch of the family requires that they keep the classes separate. Every year, the sisters go to, always in different classes. That is, in the case of a class, it is added to avoid having to put them in the same class. The reason why? Don’t you know!

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