After unscheduled landing, Neymar stays in a stationary plane for 6 hours and leaves Boa Vista for São Paulo | Roraima

Neymar left Boa Vista on Tuesday night (21) after his plane, a Cessna 680 Citation jet, made an unscheduled landing at the city’s airport. The ace was heading from the United States to São Paulo, when he had to divert the route and descend in Roraima at dawn.

Neymar, his girlfriend, sister and friends spent the afternoon – about 6 hours in another plane. That’s because the aircraft arrived to pick them up, they entered around 1 pm, however, it didn’t take off and stayed on the runway all the time.

He and his traveling companions only took off for São Paulo around 7 pm, after a second plane arrived at the airport to pick them up. Neymar’s jet and the other aircraft stayed on the runway.

“Passing by to thank you for the messages, but it’s okay, we’re going home. It was just a scare”, said Neymar, around 1 pm on Instagram.

The plane on the red square continued the trip with Neymar; the one on the left of the photo was what he spent the afternoon — Photo: Samantha Rufino/g1 RR and Reproduction/Rede Amazônica

After trouble, Neymar went to hotel

After the problem with his plane at dawn, Neymar went to a hotel in the city center, where he stayed until 12:27 pm (13:27 GMT). After that time, he, his girlfriend, sister and friends took a van and went to the airport, where they boarded the first plane – which did not take off.

Neymar, in orange clothes, gets on a plane where he stayed for 6 straight hours — Photo: Yara Ramalho/g1 RR

With the news that Neymar was in town, many fans were looking forward to seeing him at the airport. There was a rush when the van reached him. The vehicle, however, entered the lane through the same place where the loads pass. About four boys came to invade the space, but were taken away by employees.

Neymar during a visit to a hotel in Boa Vista — Photo: Reproduction/Ian Vitor/g1 RR

Neymar, at no time, went down to talk to the fans, who stayed all afternoon at the airport grid, looking at the aircraft where he stayed at 6 o’clock.

The PSG forward had spent holidays in the United States and returned to Brazil, where he stays for a few days before returning to Europe to start pre-season with PSG.

Boys invade the track in an attempt to talk to Neymar – Photo: Yara Ramalho/g1 RR

The landing of Neymar’s jet was due to a problem with the windshield, learns. To avoid the risk of depressurization, the aircraft deviated from the original route and landed around 2:00 am this Tuesday at the city’s airport and remains on site.

Through the Flight Radar monitoring system, the player’s plane left Las Vegas, passed through Florida, Barbados and then landed in Boa Vista.

In a statement, his advice told that it was all a scare.

“Due to a small problem with the windshield of the NR Sports plane, where athlete Neymar Jr., his sister Rafaella Santos and Bruna Biancardi were, the pilot decided, as a precaution, to make an early landing in Boa Vista, in Roraima. , until the issue can be resolved. We communicate to everyone that passengers are fine, waiting to resume their journey.”

Rafaella Santos, Neymar’s sister, meets fans at a hotel in Boa Vista — Photo: Reproduction/Ian Vitor/g1 RR

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