After visit from Vatican envoys, he hopes justice will prevail

Cardinal Orani João Tempesta and Monsignor Jordi Bartomeu Farnos, representatives sent by Rome’s Department of Education and Culture, asked about Criscovich and Velázquez.

Belen Whittingslow’s mother, Monica Castaney, said Pope Francis’ emissaries showed great interest in listening to and expanding on information about the Catholic University (UC) cover-up of her daughter’s abuse by teacher Christian. kriskovitch

Yesterday he met with representatives sent by the Vatican’s Department of Education and Culture: the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Cardinal Orani João Tempesta, and the official of the Department for the Doctrine of the Faith, Monsignor Jordi Bartomeu Farnos.

The meeting place was the Center for Studies on Human Dignity and the Prevention of Abuse, dependent on the Catholic University, which functions in the former headquarters of the Paraguayan Episcopal Conference (CEP).

”Yeah, I feel satisfied. He was very interested and this brought me peace because for the first time I saw a genuine interest in the truth coming to light. Yes, it was very motivating for me the restlessness that I have at this moment for all the lies that have been set up by the Catholics. It gave me peace of mind,” expressed Monica Castane.

Belen Whittingslow’s lawyer, Rodrigo Cuevas, said that Cardinal Orani João and Ms. Jordi Bartemeu asked a lot, not only about Cristian Kraskovic, but also about university rector Narciso Velazquez. His mission is to collect all the information and submit a report to the Holy See.

The legal representative said that, in addition to providing a dossier of documents on the persecution of his client, he asked Vatican envoys for a meeting with Pope Francis and that this possibility would be evaluated.

Castañé told the delegates that the cover-up had been perpetrated through Narciso Velázquez, apostolic nuncio Eliseo Ariotti and César Ruffinelli, dean of the Faculty of Law, rector at the Catholic University since then-Archbishop Edmundo Valenzuela.

He added that his daughter Belen is dealing with the worst case of her life, and wants to prove her innocence in all the trials that Kristian Krišković had against her for denouncing the harassment.

“I couldn’t hug my daughter on Mother’s Day, it’s my birthday on Monday and I won’t be able to enjoy my daughter, Belen.” I am still unable to keep my entire family because of the bureaucracy that exists at the moment,” he lamented.

Whittingslow is a refugee in Uruguay following a complaint made in 2014 by a Magistrate of Prosecution (JEM) for sexual assault against the former president of the jury and professor at the Catholic University of Asuncion Cristian Kraskovic.

Kriscovich alleged that the affair was not an act of harassment, but a simple “woo”. While the girl allegedly presented the conversation through WhatsApp, where the teacher asked her to have sex, according to her complaint.

background. Belen managed to obtain political asylum in 2019 after her complaint of sexual harassment against Krskovich was dismissed. In early 2023, María Castañe, when the unconstitutional action promoted by the defense of the young woman was not resolved, chained herself before the Supreme Court of Justice.

After being chained for weeks, in March this year Castane received a letter from Cardinal Sean O’Malley, responsible for handling abuse cases in the church, in which he apologized to the family for what happened to Belen. sought. The cardinals were attending congresses in the country.

On 26 April, the Constitutional Chamber of the Court gave rise to its unconstitutional action and revoked the arrest and default order on Belén in connection with the alleged purchase of notes in the UCA.

Complaints against Rector Narciso

Catholic university officials gave representatives of the Pope a dossier with documents relating to rights violations, acts of sexual abuse as well as acts of abuse and the concealment of child abusers. The same officers are in a legal dispute with the university regarding these complaints. He asked the bishops to ask the Vatican to take appropriate measures so that justice can be done for the victims of abuse.

Envoys are experts in investigating abuse

Cardinal Orani João Tempesta is the current Metropolitan Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro and a heavy-weight against abuse. Jordi Bertomeu Farnos, the Congregation’s official for the Canons of the Faith, the disciplinary section and the person most trusted by Pope Francis to investigate sexual abuse cases within the Church. The prelate is the one who conducts in-depth interviews of victims and clergy abusers.

Jordi Bartomeu Farnos was ordained a priest in 1995 and is a specialist in Canon Law. since 2002, judicial vicar and professor of canon law at the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences; In 2012 he was appointed as an officer of the Disciplinary Section of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He is a confidant of the Pope and is in charge of investigating sexual abuse cases.

Investigation. Belen Whittingslow’s mother, Monica Castañé, did not rule out that the Vatican had sent representatives to “disobey” Cardinal Adalberto Martínez’s request that Kristian Krišković be separated from the Catholic university, but that it was “not respected”. Was.”

“What happens here locally is defiance. First comes the note from Patrick O’Malley, the cardinal asking us to apologize to the Catholic Church, followed by Cardinal Adalberto Martínez asking, please, to remove Kriskovich from office, but he was never removed”, he contacted Said in with the monumental 1080 AM.

Kristian Krskovich submitted a permit application to the Catholic University in March.

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