Against the first colds here is a simple but powerful solution: you will see what a remedy

Italy has been hit by a sudden cold and could trigger the first colds: here is a natural and powerful solution to fight them now!

It seems strange, but instead it is reality: the northern part of Italy in the last two days has been hit by sudden temperatures, not yet expected and which have not even given the time to conclude the change of season. We are talking about not indifferent evening coolness and surely many will have had to dust off the covers and plaids in advance to be used to warm up. In reality, some weather forecasts were clear, this year autumn seems decidedly early and those who still felt a little bit with their hearts tied to summer will have to abruptly cut this link.

first colds

From a different point of view then we find the classic ailments of the season. Those that arrive suddenly due to the change in temperature and can relate to fever, sore throat, but above all cold. The nose is filled with mucus, the airways are compromised and without even realizing it, the ‘Babba bia’ will be more than a reality. Of course, for rather serious disease contexts, a base of ibrupofen and anti-inflammatory action can solve the problem in a short time, but for all those simple colds, we can remedy the use of drugs, focusing everything on nature.

We should know by now that she is already offering us all the help we need, which is why today we want to offer you a natural remedy within everyone’s reach, certified and that in a few hours will help you free your nose, breathing perfectly. Let’s find out together!

Here is the solution to the first colds without resorting to drugs: I reveal to you a natural secret of success

When the weather changes, the cold sooner or later it affects all of us: what unfortunately disturbs is not only a stuffy nose with consequent difficulty in breathing, but also a sort of ‘circle in the head’, which numbs and makes it difficult even to think about the simplest things. Result? Sickly, lying on the sofa with blanket and herbal tea waiting for everything to pass. But we have some very effective, well known and lesser known solutions that will certainly help you get better right away!

first colds

Our grandmothers always recommended it to us when we had a cold: a good drink based on honey, lemon and ginger it was the most effective and fastest solution for a stuffy nose and sore throat. But why does this natural remedy work? The lemon thanks to its properties and vitamins it behaves like a energizing boosterthus strengthening the immune system, it ginger has a strong anti-inflammatory actiondeflating and soothing sore throat and head, while the honey dissolves the moss properly. Just pour 1 cup full of water into a saucepan, add 2 fresh slices of peeled ginger, the juice of 1 lemon and 1 large spoonful of honey.

We cook everything until boiling, filter and enjoy hot. The regenerating effects will be felt immediately. For an even more targeted action, especially as regards the melting of the moss, we proceed as follows: fill a pot with water more or less up to half its volume, bring it to the fire and wait for it to boil. Then place the still steaming pot on a table protecting the surface, add 5 eucalyptus leaves and 5 mint leaves, alternatively essential oils will also be fine as long as they are of quality. We turn the head towards the inside of the pot covering it with a towel, inhaling the fumes.

Mint and Eucalyptus have balsamic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and secretolytic properties, therefore useful in the treatment of sick bronchi, greasy and dry coughs, mucus and catarrhs. Already after a few minutes you will perceive a clear improvement!

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