Agata Rubik sends her daughters to school for almost 90 THOUSAND in a year and calls for it to “go smoothly”

Agata Rubik thanks to the association with Piotr Rubik She quickly became a celebrity herself. The composer’s wife has not only been invited to the walls and involved in television projects for years, but also had an impressive group of Instagram followers.

Sweetheart Piotr Rubik He carefully reports on his everyday life via social media, sometimes showing what should not necessarily come to light …


Agatha Unlike many colleagues in the industry, she has no qualms about involving her daughters in her activities: 12-year-old Helena and eight-year-old Alice.

So on Tuesday morning Rubik presented how She leaves the house with her childrento finally go back to school.

I’m ready for this new school year! And you? – the seasoned instagramer Agata encourages the observers, expressing the hope that it will be possible without home teaching: May it continue without interruption!


The wife’s entry in a “funny” way was commented by Piotr Rubik.

I’m sure like the girls you’ll get a red stripe at the end. And it’s Hermes – he wrote.

Eh, Hermes doesn’t turn me on Agata replied.

The strap is not meant to twist, just stick Piotr noticed consciously.


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At Instastories, the musician’s wife also showed what are the procedures at the school where her children attend. Before the start of classes, the girls had to undergo compulsory training coronavirus test.


Let us remind you that Hela and Ala most likely started the school year on August 31 due to the fact that they do not attend a state school, but a prestigious one The British School Warsaw, in which the price of the annual tuition fee is from 37 to almost 90 (!) thousand zlotys.

Do you think that geniuses like mom will grow out of them?


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