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But for now, the situation is quiet in Malpensa and Fiumicino. No canceled flights and regular operation

the strike of low cost airlines began today in Italy, Ryanair and Vueling, which could cause inconvenience to around 300,000 departing passengers. The time slot in which they should remain ashore is from 10 to 18, while those in which the protection of travelers is guaranteed are from 7 to 10 and from 18 to 21. At the moment for Fiumicino and Malpensa the quiet situation. In Rome no flights were canceled, regular operations at Malpensa. It is not excluded that in the next few hours some aircraft may remain on the ground – they say from Milan – but since the strike was announced well in advance, the companies had time to notify the passengers and relocate them on other flights.

The trade unions

Yesterday, Filt-Cgil and Uiltrasporti unions issued a note confirming the 24-hour strikes by Ryanair staff and the 4-hour strike, from 13 to 17, by Vueling staff, also adding that on the same day from 10 to 14 yes they will hold garrisons at the airports of Milan Malpensa, Pisa, Rome Ciampino and Naples while from 14 to 17 in Rome Fiumicino also for Vueling pilots and flight attendants. Enac (National Civil Aviation Authority) has released the note with the list of guaranteed flights. It is reiterated that all air travel is guaranteed in the bands from 7 to 10 and from 18 to 21. All charter flights to and from the Italian islands are duly authorized or notified before the date of proclamation of the strike. Some flights to Sardinia (Cagliari and Olbia airports), Sicily (Catania airport) and Lampedusa are insured with a single daily frequency with the exclusion of continental traffic. Confirmed the departure of all scheduled flights in times prior to the beginning of the abstention and delayed for reasons beyond the control of the parties, but also the arrival at destination in national airports of international flights with estimated time no later than 30 minutes before start of the strike itself. Furthermore, Enac lists all intercontinental connections arriving including transits on national airports and provides a list of intercontinental flights departing despite the strike.


In the event of a strike, however, the passenger is not entitled to compensation, but can purchase an alternative flight at his own expense, even with a different airline than the one initially chosen. This happens if the passenger is not adequately re-protected by the air carrier. These sums paid out due to the air strike can be reimbursed, as well as the expenses for any other means of transport used to reach the originally planned destination, any extra hotel nights and meals on the days in which the plane disruption was caused.

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