Alcohol, does it help to induce sleep? Not so, its effects

Alcoholic beverages, however, have different effects on the body. The common idea is that a nightcap before bed will help sleep. But is this really the case in this case? Here’s what the science says.

The alcoholic they are products that accompany us throughout our life. As we all know, we must not exaggerate from this point of view. But a shot glass, from time to time, it can’t hurt. This is what many think. If on the one hand this is the case, on the other many feed the question by stressing that a few drinks help to reconcile sleep.

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It can happen to end an evening with the last glass of alcohol. A moment that usually brings several people together. But the assumption with which we start in this case is related to sleep. Alcohol ultimately affects sleep, according to experts. So, a few shots don’t help you sleep in any way. Indeed, the effects are completely opposite.

Finding something to help sleep is really important. To sleep well, there are three techniques to remember. Even if you have to beware of mistakes. Among the techniques that help, as revealed by the doctor and professor of medicine at the University of California, al New York Timesalcohol is not among them.

Does alcohol help sleep? The answer is no, that’s why

As explained by Jennifer Martin, a doctor and professor at the University of California, alcohol breaks the sleep cycle. Furthermore, this practice has very long-term effects. The expert underlines how alcoholic drinks alter the phases of sleep, both deep and light.

With alcohol, our rest is not safe. This causes us to continually wake up and go back to sleep. Which leads the cycle to have to start over each time. The outcome, in the end, is that in the morning we would be tired with a low battery and a really severe headache.

Alcoholic beverages, therefore, allow you to fall asleep easily but then do not allow correct continuity. With a few glasses, as he reveals Focusthe our brain sees completely suppressed the REM phase, the one that leads to dreaming. All this happens when alcohol reaches the brain and interacts with gamma-aminobutyric acid. This neurotransmitter inhibits the transmission of nerve stimuli and provides a calming effect.

But the consequences of drinking alcohol do not stop there. The drink, in fact, also triggers awakenings through its diuretic effect. Also, a few shots lead to snore definitely more. This is because, being a muscle relaxant, it favors the distension of the upper airways. Which leads to the breathing some alteration.

The experts, therefore, they advise against drinking alcohol before going to sleep. They call it a bad habit that has long-term problematic effects. In practice, it is better to limit the consumption of this product and take it up to 4 hours before going to rest.

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