Alessia Piperno and the choice to become a digital nomad: “I couldn’t stand a life made up of work, friends and then more work and work”

Many people at 24 are at the beginning of their career. But for Alessia Piperno, a digital nomad arrested last September 28 in Iran and still detained, the measure was already full. “I was living the classic monotonous life of work, boy, some going out with friends and then again work, work, work», He explained in 2018 to the blog of Gianluca Gotto, also a well-known digital nomad. “I decided to leave first of all because I wanted to try something different.” For this reason, Alessia in 2016 bought a one-way ticket to Australia, where she supported herself for months by working in a hotel, and then in the farm far from the big cities. Then Samoa, Iceland, India and Pakistan and finally Iran. After numerous other traditional jobs, she started work remotely as a freelancer for a US digital platform. She has effectively become one digital nomad – this is the name of those who work remotely moving from one place to another in the world without a fixed abode.

The meeting with the Dalai Lama

Originally from Alban Hillsis daughter of Alberto and Manuela who manage the family library. Waiting for his return is also the brother David. Her father defines her “a lonely traveler“That” travels the world to learn about the customs and traditions of peoples “and that”it has always adapted and respected the traditions and, in certain cases, the obligations of each country he has visited ». Wandering around the world, Alessia also had the honor of meeting the Dalai Lama. He was in India: «During those days I met a monk, we became friends, every morning we met in front of a hot tea, and we talked about life. One day he said to me “tomorrow I’m going to meet the Dalai Lama, to follow his lessons, do you want to come with me?”. It was a dream within a dream. Two days later I was sitting with all Tibetan monks to follow the teachings of the Dalai Lama ».

The arrival in Iran and the clash with the reality of the country

Her six years of travel had taken her to Iran, where she had arrived almost three months ago from Pakistan. On her Instagram profile, she defined the country shaken by the protests over the death of Mahsa Amini, probably killed by the authorities for not wearing her veil correctly. “Many people believe in any propaganda heard by the media about how dangerous it is to travel in this land “, he wrote, adding”please me, throw away the television“. During her stay there she had clashed with the different treatment women receive in the country: “I’m lucky to be able to sing out loud when I’m in the car, dance like crazy when I listen to music, ride a motorcycle, leave my hair fluttering to the sky, lucky to be able to walk down the street holding the hand of the person I love, without having to hide. If you are a woman, you are not allowed to do this in Iran. And now that I am in this part of the world where women do not have this freedom, I think about how much yes, I am lucky ».

The arrest

From the day of her thirtieth birthday, on September 28, Alessia stopped connecting to WhatsApp, say her travel companions Angela and Paolo, who were with her in Iran. The two, present on social networks as “Beyond the Trip”They explain that they tried to contact her and the hostel where she was staying. When they realized that something was wrong, they alerted the Italian embassy in Tehran, the Farnesina, and the family, who had received a call from Alessia shortly before. The girl called from prison in the Iranian capital. It is still unknown why she was arrested even if the pretext could be the decision of celebrating one’s birthday in the country, a custom severely limited by Islam. The authorities are working to gather as much information as possible.

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