Alex Rodriguez took Jennifer Lopez’s birthday present? Photo

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke up a few months ago. Looks like the man didn’t quite digest the breakup. On Instagram, he just shared a photo with a birthday gift from J.Lo.

Jennifer Lopez she stood on the wedding carpet several times, but with no partner she managed to build a lasting relationship. In 2017, she became involved with Alex Rodriguez. Everything indicated that she had found the man of life. For the next few years, they were considered the perfect couple, and the romantic scenes, which they regularly published on social media, were very popular among Internet users.

In 2019, Lopez accepted an engagement ring from her lover, and soon they began to make joint plans for the future. They wanted to get married, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, they had to reschedule it. There was no indication that they would part ways. Although the tabloids wrote about a serious crisis in their relationship, they did not comment on the reports themselves for a long time. It was only after a few weeks that they issued an official statement in which they confirmed the separation.

Alex Rodriguez after splitting up with J.Lo. for a long time he had been watching her ex-fiancée’s love affairs from afar. It must have hurt to see the singer in his arms Ben Affleck and that she removed the joint photos from her Instagram profile. Earlier, the tabloid press had written that he had not taken his fiancée’s new romance very well and was spreading inelegant things about her. It turns out that this is not all. He has just presented a gift on social media that he previously gave for his ex-girlfriend’s birthday.

Alex Rodriguez poses with Jennifer Lopez’s birthday present

Alex Rodriguez has exposed himself to the singer’s fans by publishing a photo of him standing next to a conspicuous red Porsche. Internet users quickly realized that this is exactly the sports car gifted Jennifer Lopez for her 50th birthday.

Rodriguez’s post caused quite a storm in the comments. Most of the Internet users criticize the behavior of the 46-year-old.

  • Rather, inelegants to receive a gift.
  • J.Lo has left not only you, but also the car.
  • Weird, are you posing with the car she gave J. Lo for her birthday?

How do you think Alex Rodriguez was planning to make something known with this post, or was he just not elegant?

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