Alexandra Daddario reveals that her mother was worried about her character

Alexandra Daddario is back from the great success of The White Lotus. The series, created by Mike White, was one of HBO’s biggest hits. The episodes of the first brilliant season, with satirical tones, focus on the stories of some enigmatic guests of a luxury hotel in Hawaii. Their stories intertwine, revealing the presence of some secrets in their seemingly perfect lives.

In the series, Alexandra Daddario she played the role of Rachel, one of the hotel guests. The young woman is a freelance journalist who goes on a honeymoon with her husband Shane, played by Jake Lacy. The relationship between the two newlyweds is not the happiest. Indeed, the couple has a number of problems and tensions to resolve over the course of the six episodes.

The White Lotus: Alexandra Daddario reveals that her mother was worried about her character’s fate

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The episodes of The White Lotus they are amazing and in the course of the vision the mother of Alexandra Daddario she was worried about the character played by the actress. In fact, the protagonist of the series of HBO recently told People that her mother was afraid Rachel would die: “My mother in particular always worries. She was very scared for my character because she didn’t want to see me die. So she only needed to know what was going to happen, for her state of mind. She couldn’t watch the show unless she knew I survived ”.

In an interview with Byrdie, the actress said: “The White Lotus is written and directed by Mike White, who is incredible. It’s a dark satire about people who are very privileged. I think there is a lot of humor in looking at the things they miss because their problems are more serious. When you look at human beings, that’s how we all function ”.

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