Alexandre Frota counters Claudia Raia after having exposed intimacy: “He didn’t forget me”

Alexandre Frota countered a statement given by Claudia Raiawhere he stated that Marisa Monte would have lost her virginity to him. Through Instagram, the federal deputy from São Paulo also criticized the presenters of the “Fair Skirt”where the declaration took place.

“I’m very sorry that Claudia Raia still hasn’t forgotten me. With all due respect, I think she is getting it wrong, over time she is getting funny,” she began.

The politician was still uncomfortable with the attitude of the GNT presenters, who laughed at the situation. “He still put Marisa in the gossip. The most interesting is Astrid [Fontenelle] laughs (more predictable impossible). The other two, I don’t know who they are or what they do, and Sabrina Sato can’t laugh a lot, because if we start talking, there will be a lot of laughter. Worse than the ones who gossip me, just the ones who stop to listen to them,” she vented.

The controversy began when the actress ended up releasing the information when she wanted to justify that she was not the only famous person who had a relationship with Fleet. “I know what this is. Am I the only one who married Alexandre Frota? Marisa Monte lost her virginity to Alexandre Frota!”, she shot her.

With the repercussion, Claudia spoke up, apologizing. “I was wrong to make an inappropriate and wrong comment on my part from an artist I admire so much. It was an unnecessary and mistaken speech, which is not justified by the intention of joking. Here is my sincere apology. Lesson learned, that’s how we learn,” she said.

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Claudia Raia criticizes Katy Perry

The actress caused by making a comment about Katy Perry after Mariana Rios performed as the American singer in the frame “Show dos Famosos”, from “Domingão com Huck” in November 2021. The attraction’s judge praised Mariana saying that the Brazilian danced better than Perry, who, for Claudia, has a “limited” body.

“I wanted to tell you that you were brilliant! By the way, you danced better than Katy Perry, by the way. Because she’s a great singer, a beautiful voice, but her body thing is a little more limited… But you brought this! You brought that body of her dancing. But I think you move differently from her and you brought this way of moving that is a characteristic of her”, he pointed out.

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