Alina’s scallop. Garlic bundle. How to do them?

Garlic is called a natural antibiotic for a reason. Its daily consumption helps to fight colds, high blood pressure and has a positive effect on digestion. It is also widely regarded as a valued spice. However, not everyone is in favor of its extremely intense and spicy flavor. Meanwhile, “Alina’s Gałganek” is a way to use garlic in the treatment of runny nose and sinuses without eating it.

“Alina’s Gałganek” is simply garlic wrapped in gauze. One wonders where did Alina come from in his name. It is not about some grandmother Alina, meritorious in promoting this home remedy for colds, but about alline, or S-alkylcysteine ​​sulfoxide, hidden in the composition of garlic and onions. When garlic is cut or crushed, the allin contained in it becomes allicinwhich is responsible for the characteristic smell of garlic.

Allicin is a natural antibiotic that helps the body deal with germs. In addition, there are many other compounds in garlic: essential oil, volatile sulfur compounds, thioglycosides (A and B coordinates), garlicin. Together, they make such a strong anti-cold team that the very smell of them acts as a natural antibiotic. It is this fragrance that is the basis of the effectiveness of “Alina’s Gałganka”.

How to make “Alina’s Gałganek”?

For the implementation of this specifics you will need a few cloves of garlic, knitted gauze (you can buy it at any pharmacy) and a string or elastic band. First you need to chop or crush the garlic. Then place it on the previously prepared gauze and tie all its corners together so that the garlic does not fall out of it. Finally, the only thing left to do is tie the whole thing with a string / rubber band.

Mr. Tablet also advises that it is worth sprinkling the rag with essential oil to further strengthen its properties. It can be, for example, eucalyptus oil. The “Alina’s Gałganek” prepared in this way should be placed in the bedroom, not too close to the head, because its smell is really intense. In the case of children, special care must be taken when placing it in their bedroom and keep a distance of about 2-3 meters from the baby’s head. The rag should also be out of the toddler’s reach so that he does not accidentally open it and eat the garlic.

How long does it work? Are there any contraindications?

Alina’s Gałganek works as long as it gives off a fragrance. It is best to replace it daily.

Conditions with bronchial hyperreactivity are a contraindication to the use of “Alina’s Gałganka”. It should not be used by people suffering from shortness of breath and asthma, as well as those allergic to garlic. You should also carefully monitor your child’s reaction to garlic. It may turn out to be particularly sensitive to them.

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