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All easy for the Dutch host in the debut match against Kenya. Arvital Selinger’s Dutch winners 3-0 (25-11, 25-17, 25-11) the first match of the group which also includes Italy and celebrate together with the Arnhem crowd. One way game between two teams with a very different technical rate. In management Holland which in certain situations gives the impression of being an orderly and effective team in attack and defense also in view of less simple matches.

Selinger relies on his owners, deploying Daalderop and Buijs in the band and Plak in the role of opposite, while Luizomar de Moura plays almost all the players available on the field in search of solutions and perhaps to confuse the opponents a little, who they quickly take over the reins of the match and, led by Plak and Buijs, move clearly forward in the central part of the set and win 25-11 without too many problems.

A glimmer of balance at the start of the second set until 4-4, then Holland takes off with a 4-0 break and no longer comes near. Selinger also leaves room for Marrit Jasper, for the hosts it’s all very simple: 16-8 spring forward. Kenya has the merit of not giving up and doing better than the previous set by losing 25-17 with some mistakes of the Dutch in the final.

The Kenyans hold up the bump even at the start of the third set, managing to stay in the wake of the Dutch until 9-7 and 14-11. At that point the Netherlands changes gears and never stops: break of 11-0 and the hosts impose themselves with the score of 25-11 as in the opening set. Buijs top scorer for the Dutch with 15 points, followed by Daalderop with 14 and by Plak with 11. For Kenya the best scorer was Mukuvilani with 8 points to his credit.

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