All the live-action adaptations Disney plans to release

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That Disney owns the greatest animation classics, we all already know. Fairy tales, magic, enchant children and adults. In addition to the drawings, the company entered the world of live-action with everything, delivering hits such as Beauty and the Beast (2017), with our beloved Emma Watson, Cinderella (2015), with Lilly James and cate Blanchett, Aladdin (2019). ), with Naomi Scott. Disney doesn’t get tired and intends to launch more productions.

Check out Disney’s upcoming live-action movies


Robert Zemeckis will direct the incredible fable of the wooden puppet, who dreams of being a real boy, production arrives on September 8th. Tom Hanks will play the carpenter Geppetto, creator of Pinocchio, and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth will voice the wooden puppet.

Peter Pan & Wendy

With only 15 years old, Alexander Molony, will have the responsibility of giving life to the character of Neverland. The production premieres later this year, exclusively on the Disney+ platform, however, we still don’t have a set date. Ever Anderson, who played the younger version of Natasha Romanoff in Black Widow, will play Wendy, the production will be directed by David Lowery.

The Little Mermaid

The beautiful Halle Bailey, will be the daughter of King Triton who dreams of having legs. Filming began this year and is expected to arrive on May 23, 2023. Prince Eric will be played by Jonah Hauer-King, Melissa McCarthy will come as the evil Ursula and Javier Bardem as Ariel’s father.

The snow White

One of Walt Disney’s greatest classics will be produced in live-action, with no date set for release yet. Rachel Zegler will be the princess, as the evil witch, we will have Gal Gadot.

Some changes will be made, for example, the seven dwarfs will be produced in different ways, respecting people with dwarfism.


Production began in 2020, with Guy Ritchie as director, who was also responsible for directing Aladdin. We still don’t have information on who is in the cast, but we do know that the film will be produced by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, from Avengers: Endgame.

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The 1996 animation has been confirmed to be turned into live-action in 2019, but we still don’t have information about the film. Josh Gad, will be in charge of production and has chances to play the character.

Image: Disney Brazil

Atlantis and the Lost Kingdom

The production still does not have precise information about the release or the beginning of the recordings, but we know that the role of Peter Parker, the actor Tom Holland, is considered to give life to the cartographer Milo Thatch, a young man determined to find a lost kingdom.

Image: Reproduction The Addiction

Lilo & Stitch

One of Disney’s most comforting films, it tells the story of a little Hawaiian girl and a blue alien who live high adventures together. Production still does not have a scheduled date and we do not even know who may be in the cast, perhaps the film will be released directly on Disney’s streaming platform. Sitch’s original voice actor Chris Sanders will return in the production.

Image: Disney

robin hood

During an interview with the LA Times, the director of Raya and the Last Dragon, also from Disney, confirmed that the live-action Robin Hood will arrive in 2023, on Disney+. The 1973 animation is available on the platform.

Image: Disney

the aristocats

Marie the cat’s family will return to the big screen, confirmation came earlier this year. The production will have Will Gluck and Keith Bunin, in the script. Soon we’ll see the adventures of Duchess and her pups on the run from a jealous butler.


Once again we will be traumatized by the death of the little deer’s mother, however, we still don’t have a release date. But we know that the film will use production techniques similar to those of The Lion King, from 2019 and The Mowgli – The Wolf Boy

Image: Jc Online

The Sword Was the Law

The fable that depicts the story of King Arthur, will be re-released in live-action. The recordings would have started in 2019, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, however, we have no updates so far.

Tinker Bell

The fairy who dies for not receiving attention, should have her own live-action, with Reese Witherspoon playing the character, however, it has not yet been confirmed, we only know that she would be the producer of the film.

Image: See

Prince Anders (Aladdin)

With his appearance in Aladdin, Billy Magnussen is set to return as Prince Anders in his own movie. We still don’t have information on the rest of the cast or the start of recordings for the spin-off, but fans are looking forward to it.

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