Allison Williams joins Matt Bomer in the Showtime miniseries

The drama, based on a novel by Thomas Mallon, is set in 1950s Washington during McCarthyism.

The former star of Girls Allison Williams joined the cast of Fellow Travelersthe 8-episode miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Mallon and coming soon to the American cable network Showtime. The actress reaches the already announced Matt Bomerprotagonist and also producer of the series that bears the signature of Ron NyswanerOscar-nominated author for the screenplay of the film Philadelphia and well-known civil rights activist.

The plot of Fellow Travelers

Fellow Travelers it is described as an epic love story that is also a political thriller. At the center of the story are two men who meet and fall in love in Washington during the difficult years of McCarthyism (a period that takes its name from Senator Joseph McCarthy, a politician who went down in history for having strongly opposed and persecuted all those people he believed had pro-Communist behaviors). Matt Bomer plays Hawkins Fuller, a charismatic all-in-one political assistant who avoids emotional involvement until he meets Tim Laughlin, a young idealist driven by a strong religious faith. The two meet and fall in love just as McCarthy and his chief adviser Roy Cohn declare war on the so-called “sexual deviant subversives” in Washington. The story of Hawkins and Tim will then unfold over several decades and the two will meet again at other important moments in history: between the protests against the Vietnam war in the 1960s, during the hedonism of the 1970s and during the health crisis. due to AIDS in the 1980s.

The role of Allison Williams

Allison Williams – who had already appeared on Showtime on the show Patrick Melrose next to Benedict Cumberbatch – second Variety She will play Lucy Smith, the daughter of a prominent US Senator who has known Hawk (Bomer) since they were teenagers.

Daniel Minahanwhich he recently directed Halston for Netflix, he will direct the first two episodes of Fellow Travelers and will executive produce alongside Bomer and Robbie Rogers. Filming the series, always informs us Varietywill start in July in Toronto.

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