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Almanac of 03-03-2022 at 07:30 (Thursday 3 March 2022) Almanac of the day is Thursday 3 March Good morning from Francesco Vitale Today the church remembers San Marino Martyr according to tradition the name Marino derives from the Latin adjective marinus Which means belonging to the sea the proverb tells us March I try every evening to wake up in spring and we hope Tomas were born today Milian Alexander Bain Jessica Biel we wish our children today we have a certain list where they are where they are Roger brought it to me as usual We always lose them So happy birthday Lorenzo in the meantime we greet Enrico Gaia good day to Alessandro too our friend and colleague Angela already Hello Debora also to you Good day to each of you we begin our journey together then I take you on that March 3, 1993 in Washington at the age of 87 Albert Bruce Sabin the discoverer of the vaccine against the .. .Read on romadailynews


twitteramaveronags1 : Almanac of the day – InfoCilentoWeb : The Almanac of March 3, 2022 #almanac – RdtRadioStation : Rita is waiting for you in a few moments with the Almanac of the day – sulsitodisimone : March 3, 1933? Mount Rushmore National Memorial opens – sulsitodisimone : March 3, 1585? Inauguration in Vicenza of the Olympic Theater designed by Andrea Palladio –

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The immeasurable measure of Ginevra Bompiani

… (his idea ofAlmanac Bompiani, his support for the theater magazine “Sipario” and the discovery of the many, fundamental Italian and foreign authors), grows in an environment where he is convinced of the

Moscow Supreme Court confirms forced dissolution of ‘Memorial’

It was thought of doing a almanac of cartoons and animated drawings, which put even more emphasis … The cartoons speak of the common past (memory), the ‘claustrophobic square’ that oppresses the …

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The Almanac of the Rush: on March 3 Elvis on TV and the start of the world tour in a balloon

GROSSETO – Thursday 3 March, St. Titian bishop, the sun rises at 6.49 and sets at 18.04. It happened today: 1431 – Election of Pope Eugene IV. 1426 – …

Copa Libertadores: no “remuntada”, Monagas eliminated from Everton

The only goal of the match of the Monumental bears the signature of Oscar Gonzalez in the first minutes of the second half.

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