along with Barbra Streisand’s birthday

dakota johnson and chris martin together at barbra streisand's birthday


They love to stay at home, to be precise in their Arabian Nights mansion in Malibu and invite their closest friends (the former included by virtue of the conscious detachment). They avoid all that is worldly by venerating the low profile as a life mantra, but when it’s worth it, they are the first to make an exception to the rule. Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin attended Barbra Streisand’s 80th birthday party this weekend putting aside their rigorous idea of ​​privacy, and not only that: the couple was immortalized in a selfie with the birthday girl who went around the net.

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Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin don’t like being photographed, so much so that cyclically after months of absence from the tabloids, there are those who suspect a farewell. Nothing more false, because between the two could not go better. She is her “universe” and when there was the opportunity to shout it to the whole world, the Coldplay singer certainly didn’t back down. Engaged for five years, the actress ready to land on Netflix with Persuasion and BTS’ BFF are allergic to worldliness (by their own admission they want to keep their relationship «intimate and private») but for friend Barbra this and more. Smiling and relaxed in full LA mood, they ended up in the Instagram feed of the divine who organized a party in her Californian house to celebrate her 80th birthday. «With friends at my recent tea party», Streisand wrote, sharing the shot of her special crew with her followers.

dakota johnson and chris martin together at barbra streisand's birthday

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson flee photographers at The Lost Daughter premiere in London

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“We’ve been together for a while and we go out sometimes, but we both work so much that it’s nice to stay at home,” said Dakota, first Marvel heroine, speaking of the decision made in tandem with her partner to limit her social life outside the domestic walls, “most of the parties take place inside my house”. Mom Melanie Griffith is thrilled with her almost/son-in-law, ditto dad Don Johnson, who in an interview with Good Day New York he called Chris “a lovely boy”, not hiding his happiness in the face of the prospect of accompanying his daughter down the aisle and putting a host of grandchildren on his shoulders. In the case of orange blossom, maximum confidentiality, of course, but with a single certainty: the location of the wedding can only be their villa in Malibu.

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