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The date of Adam Nawałka’s return from a holiday in the Maldives, for which the coach went shortly after Paulo Sousa unexpectedly left the Polish national team, has been known for a long time. On Thursday evening, the coach landed in Poland as planned, and a few days earlier Cezary Kulesza invited him for an interview on taking over the staff. Contrary to preliminary arrangements, they did not delay the meeting until Friday. Nawałka from the airport went to the hotel, and around Kulesza joined him on the 22nd. The interview – as with the previous candidates – lasted several hours.

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Nawałka will come back to the rescue? “Even if he has recently taken care of the garden, he has not fallen out of circulation”

The main conclusion of the meeting? Bet on what is known

The former coach, who led Poland at the World Cup in Russia, has clearly declared in recent weeks his willingness to work with the national team again. – I will not refuse the representation – he repeated shortly after the departure of Sousa, and when rumors appeared that he was applying for a job in Kosovo, he immediately denied them and once again reminded what position he was interested in.

Although Nawałka was also a media favorite from the beginning of his search for a coach, and Fabio Cannavaro, with whom Kulesza recently met, ultimately did not want to lead the representation, his meeting with Kulesza did not differ significantly from the talks that the president of the Polish Football Association conducted with other candidates in recent days on the selectors. What is clear – more details were given. The former coach, who worked with most of the current squad members, has a different view than Cannavaro – prepared, but alien. Kulesza asked Nawałka about the plan for the March training camp, and he presented everything in detail. The most important conclusion of the former coach, Górnik Zabrze and Lech Poznań, which concerned many issues? There is no time to experiment. You have to bet on what is known. Kulesza agrees.

Football ticking bomb.  5 times more deaths among defenders. Football ticking bomb. 5 times more deaths among defenders. “In Poland, the matter is neglected”

“Adam Nawałka has not ceased to be up to date with what is happening with the representatives and in football in general”

Therefore, after the Thursday-Friday meeting, Adam Nawałka only strengthened himself as the favorite to take over the team. The president of the Polish Football Association has known Nawałka for a long time, so they both knew what to expect from each other. We may like the commitment of the coach, who wanted to meet Kulesza as soon as possible and was well prepared for the interview. Contrary to fears, Nawałka, who has not worked for nearly two years, has not ceased to be up to date with what is happening with the representatives and with football in general. The opinions of the players themselves may also influence Kulesza’s decision. The president of the Polish Football Association asked the most experienced representatives for their opinion, and they suggested Nawałka.

The play-off final will not take place at the Narodowy?  Kulesza set off on a delegationThe play-off final will not take place at the Narodowy? Kulesza set off on a delegation

“Perhaps Nawałka’s position would not have been so strong if it were not for the circumstances. More specifically – no time to prepare the team for the March play-offs for the World Cup in Qatar. Less than two and a half months to the match with Russia, and the March training camp before the match in Luzhniki in Moscow will be limited to just three trainings, which means that there will be practically no time to get to know the team, and Nawałka has the advantage that most of the team leaders know and remain in good relations with them. Robert Lewandowski, Piotr Zieliński, Grzegorz Krychowiak, Kamil Glik, Jan Bednarek and Wojciech Szczęsny were important representatives of the representation already during the term of office of Nawałki. And it would be easiest for him to enter the dressing room a few days before the clash in Moscow “- analyzed Jakub Seweryn from .

Kulesza gives himself time to choose a coach until January 19, although it seems that he has already found a suitable candidate. Then, in Warsaw, a meeting of the PZPN board will take place, during which the new selector will be officially approved.

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