Amazfit gTR 47 mm at a brilliant price!

The Amazfit GTR is a great smartwatch, and this promotion on AliExpress – the perfect opportunity to buy it. In addition to it, you can buy cool TWSs and a powerful charger for a laptop, smartphone and tablet. What else is worth paying attention to during Black Friday on AliExpress?

Black Friday starts tomorrow on AliExpress, but the great celebration of promotions and sales has already started. Today you have a unique chance to buy a great Amazfit GTR smartwatch in the 47 mm version, a powerful charger and inexpensive TWS headphones with ANC at a reduced price.

Promotion on AliExpress – Amazfit GTR 47 mm at a great price!

We start with a real bomb for Bargain Hunters. Amazfit GTR in the larger variant with a 47mm case, it’s a great smartwatch, and I haven’t seen it at such an affordable price for a long time. Despite the flagship quality of workmanship, great sports functions, an AMOLED screen and a battery sufficient for up to 24 days of work, you will pay only PLN 360 for it. Free delivery from the Polish warehouse is just the icing on the cake.

Promotion in AliExpress

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The second proposal is TWS wireless headphones from a proven manufacturer. QCY is one of the most popular brands and their model T16 is a great choice for someone who wants an inexpensive model with ANC, i.e. active noise reduction. These types of headphones usually cost up to PLN 300, and in this promotion, the QCY T16 will be yours for PLN 140. Free shipping is an additional bonus.

Promotion in AliExpress

Do you want to quickly charge all the devices you have in your home? A high-power charger with several USB ports would be useful for this. With the help of a model UGREEN with a power of 65W you can charge four devices at the same time. Importantly, the adapter has only one USB-A socket, and the other 3 are USB-C. This is a great convenience, because we usually get such cables when buying electronics. All this for just PLN 110.

Promotion in AliExpress

This, of course, is not all. We have 3 other appliances to complement your home furnishings

Rebate codes and discounts for selected warehouses

We will start atypically with special coupons that are only valid in some warehouses.

  • $ 5 off purchases over $ 40 – FAST 5.
  • Minus $ 11 for orders over $ 80 – FAST 11.
  • $ 20 off over $ 150 – FAST 20.
  • $ 25 discount on purchases over $ 200 – FAST25.
  • Minus $ 50 for orders more than $ 200 – SURPRISE 2021.
  • $ 35 discount on purchases over $ 300 – FAST35.

It is also worth mentioning a special, additional promotion that will help you save several dozen zlotys. If you decide to pay with a BLIK code or with a Mastercard. You can save $ 8 to $ 20 on this depending on the price, but it’s a one-time discount. It will be charged automatically when selecting payment.

As usual, on the occasion of a large sale campaign in the AliExpress store, we have a lot of regular discount codes for you. This time it looks like this:

  • $ 9 discount on orders over $ 60 – DISCOUNT BF.
  • $ 3 discount on orders over $ 28 – OFFERS BF.
  • $ 2 off over $ 20 – AEPROMO.
  • Minus $ 7 on orders over $ 47 – BFPROMOTION.
  • $ 9 discount on orders over $ 70 – MIRACLES.
  • $ 14 discount on purchases over $ 100 – AEPROMO2021.

The material was created in cooperation with the AliExpress store

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