Amazon Fire TV embraces live TV. There is a complete guide and all RAI channels

There could not have been better timing to announce the Live Tab function of Fire TV devices: those who have problems, after the switch off, viewing the Rai channels, you can watch them directly on the Fire TV Stick without necessarily having to go through the application. It could already have been done, but now everything is much simpler and above all integrated.

“Live” tab is a new section of the FireOS interface, the operating system of Amazon Fire TV devices (such as the hour stick), and is easily accessible from the home: all live content from compatible apps can be viewed on a single page and organize as you see fit, choosing the most recent or channels by theme.

Linear TV no longer passes through the tuner, but comes directly from the network, even if the experience is very similar to that of classic TV, only the numbering of the channels is missing.

In order to end up in the “Live” section, the apps require small changes from the developer, but RaiPlay, Pluto TV, RedBull TV and Twitch are already ready. More content providers will be added soon.

In addition to the preview of the content on air, a complete channel guide can also be called up from the new section of the interface.

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