Amazon Prime Video: Here Is the New Official Carnival Row Trailer

Carnival Row

The new Amazon Original series will be available in a dubbed version from 22 November 2019

Amazon Prime Video has released a new official trailer for Carnival Row, the Amazon Original fantasy series produced by Legendary Television with Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne which will debut on August 30, 2019. Initially available in an original version in more than 200 countries, the series will arrive in a dubbed version throughout the year.

Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Cara Delevingne (Suicide Squad) are the protagonists of Carnival Row, the new Amazon Original series, which will be available on Prime Video from August 30th in an original version in more than 200 and in a version dubbed from 22 November 2019.
The series is set in a Victorian fantasy world, in which also mythological creatures live, forced to flee their kingdoms of origin, following the invasion suffered by men.¬†For these creatures, who are forbidden to live, love and fly freely, it is impossible to live with human beings.¬†But even in darkness, hope survives: a human detective, Rycroft Philostrate (Bloom), and a fairy, Vignette Stonemoss (Delevingne), weave a dangerous relationship into an increasingly less tolerant society.¬†Vignette also hatches a secret that can endanger the world of Philostrate just as it is following the most important case of his life: a series of horrible murders that put Row’s peace at risk.

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