Amber Heard’s sister against Johnny Depp (also) via social media: “I know what I saw”

After losing the defamation trial brought on by her ex-husband Johnny Depp, Amber Heard it’s still “disappointed, frustrated and angry» for the verdict. but «looks ahead», as a source revealed to People: «She is devoting all her energies to her daughter», that is, to the little one Oonagh Paige born by surrogate mother in July 2021. The sister of the actress, Whitney Henriquezbut it doesn’t fit. And after testifying at the trial by saying that he saw Depp beating Amber with her eyes, he also made her voice heard via Instagram: «I’m still by your side, little sister. Yesterday Today and Tomorrow I will always be proud of you for sticking up for yourself, for testifying both here in Virginia and in the UK and for being the voice of so many who cannot speak about what goes on behind closed doors. We knew this was going to be a tight battle and that all the cards were stacked against us. But you stood up and spoke despite everything. I’m this way honored to have testified for you and i would do it again a million times because I know what I saw and why the truth is always on your side. I’m so sorry that this isn’t reflected in the decision made by this jury, but I will never give up, nor will anyone on your side. Forever on your side.”

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In her deposition, Henriquez had recounted an episode of March 2015. According to her story, Amber showed Johnny messages that seemed to prove her relationship with another woman and a quarrel would soon erupt between the two which soon precipitated into violence: «I was at the top of the stairs with my back turned. Johnny came up the stairs and hit me in the back. I heard Amber yell, “Don’t hit my sister!” and she slapped him. At that moment, Travis – Johnny’s bodyguard – intervened, but Johnny had already grabbed Amber by the hair with one hand and was hitting her face repeatedly with the other. Travis then split them up.” After that episode, Depp would have asked his sister-in-law to sign a confidentiality agreement. But she would have refused to do it.

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The process in which both protagonists have told the world the horrors of a marriage based on violence and degradation ended with the defeat of Amber, ordered to compensate her ex-husband with 10.4 million dollars. Heard’s attorney said the actress is absolutely unable to pay that amount. Depp, as a lawyer explained to The New York Post, could retaliate on the ex-wife’s assets or on the earnings that will arise from his next films. Meanwhile the star gives himself to mad joy, and mad spending. The «Pirate of the Caribbean», as the Daily Mailhas celebrated the victory in court with a dinner in Birmingham’s exclusive Varanasi costed the beauty of 50 thousand pounds. The star and about twenty friends – in the restaurant forbidden to all the other customers for the occasion – they dined on Indian food (kebabs, chicken tikka, tandoori prawns) and rosé champagne. And the bill, naturally, was paid by Depp.

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