Ambush! Georgina Rodríguez Was Surrounded and Had No Escape

Georgina Rodríguez

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner could only resign and thus reacted.

Georgina Rodriguez is still on everyone’s lips, and it does not stop pleasing her more than 16 million followers, with her charisma, personality, and beauty without equal.

The Spanish model, of Argentine origin, shared a new video on Instagram in which she receives a beautiful gesture from her loved ones on the occasion of her birthday.

And is that the wife of Cristiano Ronaldo turned 26 years old and has not stopped receiving all the love that her relatives have to offer.

On this occasion Georgina was ambushed by more than 10 people in a very familiar environment, in which she sang her birthday and made her feel like a queen.

The diva of the catwalks is very happy in the video that unleashed thousands of comments full of praise and love from her fans on the social network.

“When they invade your house with love! Surprise! ” Rodriguez wrote in her emotional post a couple of days ago, accelerating the hearts of her fans.

In this way, Georgina Rodriguez wins the heart of Internet users who love their home and family facet over the image she has as a model.



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