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• “Ammonite”, “Witches”, “Christmas shock” – these are the main film premieres of the HBO TV month
• Among serial premieres, incl. “What we do in hidden III”, “Nuclear family”, “Work In Progress II” and “We’re Here II”.

"Let's go" / Photo.  press materials

“Let’s go” / Photo. press materials

As part of the Sunday premiere series, HBO has planned the following premieres:
“Ammonite” (November 14) – a story about a fossil collector and a young woman sent to the seaside to convalesce, between whom an unexpectedly passionate relationship develops. Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan starring. BAFTA nomination for the best costumes
“Witches” (November 21) – A cautious grandmother tries to protect her orphaned grandson from diabolical witches. A film adaptation of a classic children’s novel by Roald Dahl. Anne Hathaway in one of the lead roles, Robert Zemeckis behind the camera
“Christmas Shock” (November 28) – Kristen Stewart as Abby, who plans to propose to her girlfriend at her family’s Christmas dinner. However, when she learns that Harper kept their relationship a secret, she begins to question their relationship. Among the other premieres of the month “My Father’s Tales” (November 4). Lyon, 1960s. A 12-year-old idolizes his father and his many talents. When a man becomes De Gaulle’s personal adviser, his son goes with him on a dangerous mission to save Algeria. Comedy drama will be another proposition “They have to be divorced” (November 11), when a resourceful 15-year-old finds his parents mismatched, he asks his best friend to help him start dating other people (premiere November 11, HBO).

HBO viewers will see too “The Adventures of a Young Werewolf” (November 18). This is the story of 13-year-old Paul suffering from a disease that causes him to grow excessively hair all over his face and body. After a disastrous trip to the amusement park, the boy decides to go in search of his mother, who abandoned him after he was born. An independent road movie showing the adventures of teenage outcasts

It will also come “Last night” (November 19). When an aging fast food worker announces that he is retiring after 38 years of work, his latest shift is completely different than he imagined. Award at the Heartland IFF and twice Oscar-nominated Richard Jenkins in the lead role.

In turn, in the movie “Weekend of Secrets” (November 20), an unlucky writer meets a mysterious woman with whom he spends a crazy weekend. An independent American romantic comedy showing the blooming of feelings between two eccentrics. Another suggestion is “City of Lies” (November 22) featuring Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker as a policeman and journalist who join forces to solve the mysterious murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG

In comedy “Gallery of Broken Hearts” (25 November) A twenty-something-year-old girl from New York, after another love failure, decides to open a temporary art gallery where you can leave gifts from former partners. “Space Boy” (November 27) is a family cinema showing the adventures of a gifted 11-year-old who decides to continue his father’s dream of traveling into space.

Saturday evenings will be spent watching animated films for the whole family. In the movie “Susan and the mystery of Mruczek” (November 6) – A cute, but also extremely mischievous kitten causes a stir during her little owner’s preschool trip. Another suggestion is “Fritzi – friendship without borders” (November 13) – Fritzi looks after her best friend’s little dog while she is on vacation in Hungary. When the girl does not return, Fritzi and the quadruped go out to find her. Award of the German Association of Film Critics. In turn, in the animation “Heroes of Envell: Exiting the Game” (November 20) – Four students accidentally find a way through and end up in a digital computer game world where they gain superpowers. They also learn that the evil Morgarth is trying to escape to the real world and that only they can stop him.

HBO series premieres of the month:
“What we do in hiding III” (from November 5, HBO3) – The series presents the daily (or rather night) life of vampires who have known each other for hundreds of years. In season three, vampires gain more power, and the one they all come from gets in their way
“Nuclear family” (from November 11, HBO) – Documentary series presenting director Ry Russo-Young’s story about her own past. She and her sister were born into a lesbian relationship, thanks to the help of sperm donors. However, their idyllic childhood was threatened by an unexpected lawsuit.
“Work In Progress II” (from November 19, HBO3) – A comedy series about an aging lesbian struggling with adversities. In the second season, the woman has to find herself after the end of the relationship.
“We’re Here II” (from November 27, HBO) – the second season of the HBO series, presenting the recruitment of residents of small American towns to participate in the unique one-off drag queen show. In each episode, renowned drag queens inspire and teach you how to get beyond your comfort zone

In November 2021 Cinemax will present the following film premieres: “It’s for Your Good” (November 1), “The Murder of Two Lovers” (November 7), “Sponsor” (November 8), “Eternal Beauty” (November 14), “Bad Law” (November 15) ), “Diana’s Wedding” (November 19), “The Perfect Lie” (November 21), “A Sick Memory” (November 26) and “The Perverse Mind” (November 28).

On the other hand Cinemax2 will show such premieres as: “Unidentified” (November 6), “Sweet Things” (November 7), “You Must Die Before You Come” (November 13), “Wuhai” (November 13), “Gold for Dogs” (November 14) ), “The Blue of the Sea” (November 20), “We Will Be Forgotten” (November 21), “All Beautiful Horses” (November 27), “Sweet Cigar” November 928).

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