Amores perros: the celebrities internationally prefer small

They are icons of fashion, the acting, the music, or simply celebrities international. Share on social networks their work, photos more casual, and, of course, portray their adored pets.

But there is a common denominator in these famous personalities: have small dogs, the leading travel and any activity.

Paris Hilton was the first to show the world their pets, and bring them with you to any party.

The diva chose the French bulldog, a breed is extremely sociable, which is perfectly suited to live anywhere.

The young songwriter has a weakness for adopting pets: the last two arrived last year, and the appointed Harry and Snapey Lili, in honor of the famous saga of Harry Potter. Joined two other dogs: Sirius and Fawkes, also do honor to the film.

Nicole Kidman, with a poodle candy

Last year, the actress joined her life to this beautiful specimen. “My first puppy. In fact, it’s my first dog”, he wrote the protagonist of “Big Little Lies” and shared it with his millions of followers the image of the small dog.

The actress Games of thrones I had just adopted to Teda puppy face tricolor shortly before the start of the health crisis of the coronavirus.

The actress is transiting the quarantine along with her two daughters, her husband and their dogs.

Some famous have several pets the same, to keep each other company.

The small twins

The protagonist of Ghost passes day quarantine at her home in Idaho with multiple pets.

The dog portfolio

The mexican actress lives in Europe, along his dog Bee, who shares the taste for luxury.

The british actress was surprised with a video without makeup. “When your facial oil tastes great! Natural, but you only want to watch tv. As said Napoleon, “not tonight Josephine”.

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