an open-air gym between hashish and heroin-

from Andrea Camurani

Raid in the Pineta park, in the Tradatese area, where the police identified 200 people and seized 200 grams of drugs. In the bivouacs also dumbbells and barbells

Not just curtains and car batteries to keep mobile phones on 24 hours a day: this time, during yet another blitz in the woods of the shopthe police have also found another kind of comfort, namely one mini gym in the open air. Dumbbells, weights of different sizes and even a barbell where you can train for body building, a practice obviously appreciated by someone among the pusher of the area that controls the market square in the woods of Pineta parkin the Tradatese area of ​​the province of Varese on the border with that of Como.

The latest joint blitz between the police was triggered in recent days, when the men of the Mobile team of the police headquarters and of the “Lombardia” crime prevention department, carabinieri of the Tradate tenence, anti-drug dog lovers of the Malpensa Finance and local police of Venegono Superiore, Venegono Inferiore and Tradate have carried out targeted checks near the area of ​​the Parco Pineta. The operations made it possible to identify more than 200 people overall including 40 with police records, and several have been identified and dismantled dealing stations transformed into bivouacs. They were also seized approx 200 grams of drug between hashish and heroin found in a pouch.

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October 5, 2022 (change October 5, 2022 | 14:01)

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