Anastasia Kvitko Gets on Her Side and Suns the ‘Cubanito’ Without Pain

Lying on the cot and dazzling with the sunlight touching her skin, the Russian model steals the sighs and captivates the eyes with her charm

The beautiful model who has so surprised her fans known as Kim Kardashian Rusa has left everyone speechless by showing her exquisite curves in a micro bikini that barely covers her charm.

To make her loyal Instagram followers fall in love, Anastasia Kvitko decided to tan her imposing curves and share the moment with everyone through a post that became a favorite.

Wearing her beauty in a splendid way and with the rays of the sun touching her skin, the Influencer won a lot of flattery and compliments. She is the owner of an impressive figure that makes everyone restless.

Anastasia knows how to pamper her admirers and give them unforgettable moments in which the great protagonists are those curves and impacts that excite more than one since she knows how to expose them and leave them in the foreground.

This time it was no exception and he stole the glances with a striking pose in which he shows how to tan his glorious rear, which left everyone in love and very excited.  


The 26-year-old girl has been in charge of keeping social networks on with her demeanor, beauty, and exotic figure, she has a unique style that takes the sighs of anyone.

Reactions were the order of the day, she quickly received a lot of loving, passionate, and very intense messages, because she looks too daring in that postcard that showed much more of her charm.

The model is clear on how to show off that wonderful curvy figure that steals the breath and delights the pupil of the gentlemen, provoking the envy of the ladies who undoubtedly want to look as beautiful as her.

In addition to being one of the young promises in the world of modeling, Anastasia Kvitko has earned a privileged place with those snapshots in which she shows the size of her charm and the exercise routines she performs to stay in shape, as she owns a perfect body and worthy of showing off.      

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