Ancelotti: There is no fatigue alarm

– Sociedad plays great football, he has a lot of quality, also in defense, he is well organized. We are happy about this exam in a fantastic stadium. We will try to play our best and win as always.

“Pintus sounded the alarm on fatigue and rotation?” No alarm. We evaluate the condition of the players after each match. There is no alarm yet. It’s been a long time since we had practically the entire staff at our disposal. Bale is back in training today. He won’t be called up, but he might be ready next week. Ceballos is already practicing on the pitch. Almost all staff are in good physical condition. At the same time, there are those who play more and we have to focus on them, but so far everything is going well. I didn’t see any fatigue in today’s training. However, we are making changes. We repeated the eleven only from the game against Shakhtar for the game against Barcelona. Besides, we always made some changes.

– Is this a game for more changes, also for reasons beyond the physical ones? We don’t think about Inter or Atlético. Now we have a very close match with Sociedad and we look at it. I will field the best squad to beat Sociedad. No problem if Casemiro gets a card and he helps us win. If he can’t play Atlético because of it, that’s fine.

– CKM can play against Sociedad, Inter and Atlético? I do not know. Today I have to think that they can play against Sociedad. I have to think about it and focus on it. I am already thinking about it and maybe Modrić will have a bad night tomorrow, he will feel tired and I will not put him on display.

– Mbappé revealed in the comic that he dreamed of playing for Real since he was a child? Children must strive to make their dreams come true. I dreamed of playing Serie A and I fulfilled it.

– Gambling still didn’t do what everyone expected. I feel good now. He is in the squad, he feels good physically, he trains well, he can play in the next matches.

– Two decisive league games against Sociedad and Atlético? The distance will not be recovered. We have an advantage, but we also have more matches. The league is open. If we play two good games, we may have an advantage that we will manage in the future. However, it is a tight league, especially by watching other matches. Our games are also very even and the league will be like that until the end.

– If Vinícius, Benzema and Casemiro are playing all the time, is it because there are no substitutes for them? Yes, we have substitutes, but it’s true that the three are doing great, especially the forwards. When a striker scores goals it’s hard to take him off because you don’t want to break the dynamic. Casemiro is different because he gives balance to this team. The balance he gives in this position is as important as scoring a goal or the Courtois parade. Camavinga or Blanco can play for Casemiro, but they still don’t have Casemiro experience. In the future, we can give him a rest. Young people bring energy, but still don’t have Casemiro’s experience. That’s why these three play more.

“Isco didn’t even warm up after the game in Granada?” If anything had happened with Isco, I’d say. There was really nothing. He did not warm up with those three games because that was what those games looked like. If I have to take off the midfielder and we win, I have to put in someone more defensive, not Isco. Therefore, he did not warm up, there was no quarrel with him.

– We have to work with Vinícius so that he doesn’t get irritated by pressure from rivals? The strongest players need to know that their rivals are watching them. This is normal. The rivals’ behavior towards him was correct. It’s true that the Granada player’s entry was aggressive, but for me it wasn’t serious either. They cover him more tightly now, but it is not dangerous to his health.

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