And the price of gas soars after Putin’s speech: over 200 euros per MWh. The euro collapses

Today’s words from Russian President Vladimir Putin were enough to push the price of the gas. Methane today broke through the share of 200 euros per Mwh after its cost had fallen in recent days reflecting a newfound relative confidence in the markets. To be precise, al Ttfthe gas market of Amsterdam where the sales determine the cost of the asset, the price of the megwatt hour has touched i 206 euros in the contracts exchanged at the opening. An increase in the 6.04% compared to yesterday. The increase is a direct consequence of Putin’s speech to the nation. The Russian president announced today that he intends to start one partial military mobilization – so far the war on the Russian side has been fought mostly by mercenaries and volunteers – to overturn the inertia of the conflict in Ukraine which currently sees the invaded country regaining ground after suffering huge losses in recent months.

The collapse of futures

According to analysts, the tsar fears defeat on the military field after having invested heavily in the “special military operation”, and would be willing to deploy the nuclear weapons not to lose the war. Meanwhile, they are not interrupted gas supplies from Russia toEurope, which continue through the gas pipeline that crosses Ukraine. Meanwhile, i future – hedging contracts on increases or decreases in the prices of a good – mark a decline in Europe after the words of the tsar. They yield it 0.38% those in the index Eurostoxx 50 and it 0.48% those on Dax. Fall of 0.15% those of Ftse. The decision of the Federal Reserve which should lead to a rise in interest rates of at least 75 basis pointsor even – there is the 18% of possibility – of 100. The goal is to contain inflation by slowing down the exchange of money and its depreciation. The euro also collapses: the European currency is down 0.9% against the US dollar. The two currencies are exchanged at a rate of 0.9885 dollars for each euro.

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