Android 13: no more intrusive notifications!

Android 13 will make it easier to manage notifications from the application – this is a function that saves many users from the excess of notifications attacking us from everywhere. Look, using it will be really trivial.

The multitude of notifications bombarded by the applications present on our smartphones can overwhelm us. According to the latest reports, the system will debut at the end of 2022 Android 13 can make it a bit easier for us to manage annoying notifications.

Android 13 vs annoying notifications

The new Android model of iOS would have allow the user to choosewhether he wants to receive notifications from a specific application or not. A graphic has just hit the network that shows how it can look on Android 13.

The whole thing will not require much effort from us – it will appear on our screen immediately after installing the application windowwhich will ask us if we wish to receive notifications.

Android 13

Android 13 / photo: Android Police

Today, for the first time, we can see what the new feature will look like. As you can see in the graphic, we only have options to choose from authorization or non-authorization to receive notifications.

As there is still a lot of time until the premiere of Android 13, and the above function is probably still being developed, it is quite possible that the window will also include additional possibilitiesfor example, “allow notifications when …”. However, these are only guesses at the moment.

Even if the window eventually looks like the one above, it is an important change that users will surely appreciate. Of course, Android now also lets you customize app notifications – but it’s never been so easy.

What else do we know about Android 13 today? The system will allow for more personalization or the choice of any language for a given application. You can learn more from Konrad’s post below:

Hi, my name is Android 13. Watch me gracefully live for the first time


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