Angelina Jolie broke Jennifer Aniston’s record

Angelina Jolie broke Jennifer Aniston's record

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Angelina Jolie broke Jennifer Aniston’s record

Nobody expected that …

Has become! Angelina Jolie joined Instagram. For her first post, she chose a touching letter she received from an Afghan girl. The actress wanted to draw attention to the tragedy in Afghanistan and the takeover of power by the Taliban, who made it clear that you had no chance for democracy in their country, Afghanistan, which they regained after US troops withdrew after 20 years of stationing in this country.

Angelina Jolie drew the world’s attention to the problem, but thus broke the record of Jennifer Aniston, who so far held the podium for the fastest getting the first million followers. Jolie managed to get 1.7 million fans on Insta in less than an hour.


“This is a letter sent to me by a teenager from Afghanistan. Currently, Afghan people are losing the ability to communicate on social media and express themselves freely. So she went on Instagram to share their stories and the voices of people around the world who are fighting for their basic rights. man “, wrote the actress and Oscar winner.

Commentators immediately pointed out that Angelina Jolie first stole Jennifer Aniston’s husband (Brad Pitt, of course), and now broke her record that everyone was talking about for weeks! Currently, Angelina’s profile is followed by 5.3 million people, and Jennifer’s profile is followed by almost 38 million.

Angelina Jolie is still battling Brad Pitt in court, not only for custody of the children, but also for joint businesses and real estate. And Jennifer Aniston has been rebuilding her relationship with her ex Brad Pitt for some time. After all, the whole world is waiting for this “come back”! If J.Lo and Ben Affleck have made it, why not?



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