Angelina Jolie on Harvey Weinstein: I stayed away from him and warned people about him

When asked when she felt that someone was crossing the line and his behavior was – to put it mildly – inappropriate, the actress had no hesitation in recalling the time when she first worked with the rape producer Weinstein.

– I worked with him when I was young. I was 21 years old when we were making the movie “Playing in the Heart,” which he was executive producing. He was trying to do something I had escaped. Many women downplay the attack if they manage to get away from the torturer. When you get out of the room, you think he tried but didn’t, but the attempt itself is an act of violence, she explains.

The actress did not want to discuss this topic in detail, but she assured everyone that she warned everyone about the offensive producer.

“I stayed away from him and warned people about him.” I told Jonny [Jonny Lee Miller – przyp. red.]my first husband, to spread it to other guys, to keep girls from being alone with him. I was asked to participate in the movie “Aviator” but I refused because he was involved in it. I never worked with him again. That’s why it was hard for me when Brad did it, ‘he recalls.

– We were arguing about it. Of course, it was painful for me. I felt as if the attack on me had been marginalized, downplayed. He was happy to work with Weinstein, even though he knew he attacked me, she added.

Four years have passed since the first official charges against Weinstein appeared. In 2017, a man was accused by 80 women. It was about rape, inappropriate behavior, sexual violence, etc. Then the international #metoo movement was launched, during which women reported publicly that they had repeatedly been victims of sexual crimes.

Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison in 2020. He is currently serving a sentence in New York.

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