Angelina Jolie on the withdrawal of American troops from

The dramatic events currently unfolding in Afghanistan shock the whole world. The Americans have recently decided to withdraw from the country the troops stationed there so far, because – according to the official justification – their presence “is no longer in the national interest of the USA”. This is the result of the peace agreement signed in February last year during the presidency of Donald Trump – under this agreement, the United States has committed itself to the full withdrawal of troops. Newly elected US President Joe Biden has upheld his predecessor’s decision. This decision turned out to be fateful – the Taliban decided to launch the offensive, and as a result took a large part of the country’s territory, including its capital, Kabul. Immediately, photos and videos circulated the world of crowds of terrified people trying to flee the country at all costs.

Angelina Jolie, known for her involvement in humanitarian activities, has now decided to comment on this situation. The famous Hollywood actress, who serves as UNHCR’s goodwill ambassador and is a member of the Council on International Relations, an American non-profit organization dealing with international politics, condemned the actions of the American authorities in an article published in the magazine “Time”.

“Giving up the idea of ​​a peaceful deal between the Afghan government and the Taliban, to simply take your feet by the belt after so many years of sacrifice and struggle, forsaking our allies and supporters in such a chaotic manner is a betrayal and a defeat that is difficult to fully understand. After all the bloodshed. which could not be avoided, America lacked the willpower to plan this operation properly. It could not be easy, but it could have been carried out in a much more decent and safe way, “Jolie said.

The Oscar winner emphasized that as a US citizen she felt ashamed of the decision that led to the destabilization of Afghanistan. “As an American, I am ashamed of the way it was carried out. It weakened us. We have lost any influence on what is happening in this country. We have failed civilians and Afghan women who have always been targeted by the Taliban,” the star admitted.

Jolie, who recently set up an Instagram account, shared a handwritten letter she received from a young Afghan woman in her debut post.

“Here is a letter sent to me by a teenager living in Afghanistan. At this point, the people of the country are no longer able to communicate via social media. So I have decided to post stories of people fighting for their basic rights on Instagram. I am not going to run away. to help them. I hope that you will join me “- noted the actress.

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