Angelina Jolie publisher of a book on children’s rights

The publication signed by the star, known for its commitment to the defense of human rights, is a source of basic tools supporting modern youth. It is to encourage adolescent world citizens to speak up and point out the mistakes of the rulers.

– “Know Your Rights and Claim Them” is a book that adults do not want to show children because it equips them with the knowledge of how to defend their rights and the rights of others – noted Angelina Jolie. – World governments pledged to protect children’s rights in 1989, but many still fail to listen to their voice. In some countries, 9-year-old girls are forced into marriage. Globally, over 61 million children do not go to school. In 2019, one in six lived in extreme consumption, and this number only increased during the pandemic. It’s high time to remind the world of the promise once made, she added.

As we read on the organization’s website, the book hit the shelves in Great Britain on September 2, but it can also be ordered in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Greece. Children in South Korea, Denmark and Germany are waiting for their turn. However, it is not known when the Polish version of the publication will appear. The authors hope that it will be available in every place on earth with time – mainly for the good of the young generation.

The rest of the text below the video.

Know Your Rights … includes not only facts about the history of children’s rights or information on how to claim them, but also stories from teenage activists around the world. They demand, inter alia, access to education, fight against racial discrimination and violence.

“There are around 2.3 billion children in the world, almost a third of the entire human population. Given the devastating impact of a global pandemic on their lives, arming them with the knowledge they deserve has never been more important. It’s their right – and it has come.” time for the world to listen and act, Amnesty International reports.

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