Angelina Jolie recalls her mother and the incident that “changed forever”


Angelina Jolie has wanted to remember his mother, Marcheline Bertrandt, on the day of the Feast of the Mother with an article in the New York Times: the hugs, the Stones, and the episode that changed it forever.





On the day of the Feast of the Mother Angelina Jolie he has written an article in the New York Times in memory of her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away in 2007 due to breast cancer, celebrating her strength and that of all the women that he met in his life: “When I think about it I realize how much his death has changed, how many things have changed inside of me. To lose the love of a mother and the warmth of her embrace is like being rip off of a blanket that protects you.”

“Mother, you know, it’s hard for anyone who has lost their I lost my mother at the age of thirty years” wrote Jolie, the nine may, on the pages of the famous newspaper the american. “When I think back on that moment I can see how his death has changed. It wasn’t something sudden, but it did make me loose in the deep.” The actress has spoken publicly of the mother on several occasions, praising his character and his strength of mind.

To remember Marcheline, immediately after his death, the hollywood star has tattooed the right hand: “All had the impression that it was a small ‘M’, the initial of his name, but in reality it is a ‘W’ in honor of ‘Winter’, the song by the Rolling Stones that I sang constantly when I was little. To the ‘I want to wrap my coat around you’ she took me in his arms and I gripped strong.”

In the letter, about the betrayal of the father, Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie said: “When she died, my grandmother, my mother, has become deeply sad, a short time after dad had an affair, and that changed it completely: gave burning his idyllic dream of a family life. In that time, changed his professional ambitions and his dream of becoming an actress faded, having to raise two kids alone. Today, listening to Winter, I realize how my mother was alone and scared, but also how determined to fight to make sure that her sons had a happy life.”

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