Angelina Jolie set up an Instagram account and broke the record right away. She turned out to be better than … Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie is one of the most recognizable world stars. Despite her popularity, she did not exist in the Instagram space for a long time. That changed last Friday. It did not escape the attention of the media and the actress’s fans, who joined the crowd watching her virtual activities. The star can talk about some success.

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Angelina Jolie with an Instagram record

Angelina Jolie did not take long to gather a large number of followers on her profile. Four days after creating an account, the content shared by it is tracked by about nine million people. Moreover, the star managed to break the record. She became an Instagram user, which gathered a million followers in the fastest time. According to foreign portals, within an hour the counter on her account showed that she had over 1,700,000. followers. After less than three hours, there were already more than two million observers.

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In this way, Jolie defeated many other famous people whose Instagram debuts were widely echoed in the media and virtual space. I am talking about Sir David Attenborough (four hours and 44 minutes), Rupert Grint from “Harry Potter” (four hours and a minute), the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (five hours and 45 minutes) and … Jennifer Aniston (five hours and 16 minutes).

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Rather, we cannot expect privatization with Jolie. The actress in her first post cited a letter she received from a young Afghan woman. She also explained that with her content, she wants to “share the stories of Afghan people and the voices of people around the world who are fighting for their basic human rights.” She also promised that she would look for ways to help them.

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