Angelina Jolie showed her daughters and the salon on Instagram

Angelina Jolie made her Instagram debut last month. The star just added a very personal post. She showed off her daughters and the living room. We see for the first time how a famous actress lives.

Angelina Jolie is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars. He has countless roles to his credit that are completely remembered by viewers.

Over the years of presence in show business, she could not complain about the lack of interest from fans and professional proposals. She was constantly appearing in new formats, and films with her participation were doomed to commercial success. She has been associated with the industry since childhood. The father of the star is a famous actor, John Voight, who introduced her to the secrets of the profession – as a teenager she accompanied him on the red carpet during the Oscars.

In addition to her professional career, Angelina also fulfilled the role of a mother. Although she was unlucky in love, and her subsequent relationships and marriages fell apart quickly, she had a group of children. She brought up children together with Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, their relationship did not survive the test of time, and they are now meeting in court, fighting for custody of six children (three biological and three adopted).

Angelina Jolie showed the salon on Instagram

Although Jolie is one of the most popular names in Hollywood, the actress has kept her privacy very tight. She didn’t talk much about what was going on in her private life, kept cameras from entering the house, and spoke reluctantly about her high-profile divorce from Pitt. That all changed a bit last month when she decided to set up an Instagram account to speak about the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. So far, she has been absent from social media.

Although there were only five entries on the star’s profile, over 10 million internet users saw her account in a short time. She just added her first, very private post. She boasted about photos of her daughters who read reading in the living room of their home. We can see in the photos Zahara and Shiloh.

The end of #suummerreading. This is one of the favorites in our house. I would like to meet yours – she wrote under the photo.

Fans shared their favorite book titles in numerous comments, and we look at the interior.

You can see that the star focuses on bright and calm colors in which to rest well. The walls are painted white, and the living room has a beige sofa and live plants. The light enters the interior through the windows covered with light curtains.

Even after such small fragments, you can say that it lives very comfortably. This is the first time a star has let fans into her asylum in Los Angeles.

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