Angelina Jolie turns in Frida Kahlo’s Amazing!


The actress Angelina Jolie it has been distinguished for its incomparable beauty, being one of the stars of Hollywood, as it has gained the affection of the public who has enjoyed the various characters he has done in the film.

During the beginning of his career on the big screen, Angelina Jolie always managed to captivate her fans with her beautiful face, and it seems that an artist in Paris, decided to capture the face of the famous making it to the mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

David Bonheur drew a picture of the famous Angelina Jolie using the style of Frida Kahlo; because, as we remember the paint always sported her hair arranged with flowers, and clothes of bright colors.

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This emotional tribute that the artist did when he formed the face of Angelina Jolie with some features of the mexican painter has impacted the social networks, because the painter wanted to depict two great women that share something in common.

On the one hand Frida Kahlo was a woman who had the firm conviction to fight for the social causes during his time, while the Hollywood actress is an activist for the rights of women.

The famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie becomes Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is considered one of the great painters mexican, as it performed over 200 works of art expressing the reality of life by portraying love, sadness, pain, amongst other situations of adversity.

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The artist feels a great admiration for Frida Kahlo and Angelina Jolie, and in this painting has reflected a stunning beauty and that has left very captivated to the internet, due to the various colors used by the painter in his work.



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