Anica, in 2021 half of Italian films circulated abroad

After the “preview” at MIA, today Anica presented the research “Italian films on foreign markets” which the National Association of Audiovisual and Digital Cinematographic Industries commissioned to eMedia and which analyzed theexport of national productions across the border from 2017 to 2021. A research that has the absolute merit of providing a series of estimates on a sector which in Italy, unlike other countries, has never had a continuous and systemic analysis. But above all, as underlined by the president of Anica Francis Rutellfrom the general secretary Francesca Medolago Albanithe research presented today is just the first stage of a long-term analysis path: the report has in fact the aim of being constantly updated to become a fixed and authoritative reference in the study of this sector.

Below are some of the data that emerged, while the complete research is HERE.

  • Between 2017 and 2021, the number of titles that circulated abroad doubled in cinemas and/or on TV and/or on local or global VOD platforms: in detail, if in 2017 there were between 43 and 52 titles, in 2021 they have become between 96 and 118.
  • According to the most “aggressive” estimate of the research, in 2021 49% of the titles produced in Italy obtained some circulation in foreign markets: in fact, almost one Italian film out of two has arrived across the border
  • Half of the films exported in 2021 – between 45 and 60 films out of a total of 96-118 – is the result of international co-production agreements (minority, equal or majority)
  • The most powerful “engine” in the circulation of films in foreign markets is therefore co-production: in 2021 co-productions “pushed” 49% of exports. Second driving force are global vod platforms (26%)
  • The total economic value generated by international collaborations over the four-year period 2017-2020 is estimated at approximately 92 million euros. More than double the capital attracted in the previous four years (2013-2016), equal to approximately 41 million euros. The increase is therefore a net +124%.
  • In 5 years, the weight of global platforms as an “engine of circulation” has clearly increasedgoing from 15% in 2017 to the aforementioned 26% in 2021

Finally, the research drew up a prospective picture of the strengths and weaknesses of Italian films in terms of internationalization, as well as the opportunities and threats relating to the reference market.

Among the strengths there is a greater internationalization of the Italian industry and of the national market, with a growing ability to develop products more suitable for circulation abroad thanks also to the quality of our auteur cinema and its presence in international festivals. Another positive factor was the birth of new distribution companies with multinational catalogs and above all the specific support tools of the Ministry of Culture. In this sense, the Film Distribution Fund for non-national distributors of Italian works and the Fund for minority co-productions are fundamental, in addition to the tax incentives and automatic contributions already established in the Franceschini Law. Between the weaknessesdespite the growth of co-productions, there is a reduced availability of venture capital, particularly in animation.

“It is therefore possible to reason, at the end of the first phase of this survey, on an expanding market, which shows clear signs of dynamism and a positive reactivity to the changes in the dynamics of demand and to the technological innovation presented by the market” states the President of the ANICA, Francesco Rutelli. «Operators have been incentivized by highly effective tools from the public administration, with the Ministry of Culture and ITA-ITA in the lead, which have accompanied the growth in business capacity, demonstrated by the increase in the diffusion of Italian titles in the last 5 years, with a clear development of relations and commercial strength, in perfect synergy with the affirmation of artistic-authorial and editorial quality on an international level».

In the next issue of the magazine box office an article will also be published in the Anica report “Italian films on foreign markets” .

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