Anita Włodarczyk showed the photos and delighted the fans. “You are divine”

The Champions of Sport Gala took place last Saturday at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Warsaw. The winner of the 87th Plebiscite “Przegląd Sportowy” for the Best Polish Athlete in 2021 was Robert Lewandowski. The second place went to Anica Włodarczyk, and Bartosz Zmarzlik, a speedway rider, was on the lowest step of the podium.

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Sports Champions Gala. Anita Włodarczyk showed great photos

The three-time Olympic hammer throw champion brought with her to the hotel all the statuettes she won in the “PS” Plebiscite. Including the latest, it has ten of them. At the Masters of Sport Gala, Włodarczyk treated herself to a unique photo session, for which she posed with an impressive collection. – It’s not easy with ten boys, but it’s fun – summed up the Champions collector, as she called herself.

– A bit cold bastards of these guys, but knowing your heart, they will soften – one of the fans joked. “Great description,” said another. – And they’ll all fit in the house? – wondered another Włodarczyk sympathizer. – Just don’t throw them! – Anita Werner, a journalist, laughed. “Better to throw the pot than the boys,” the athlete joked in response to her friend’s comment.

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At the Gala of Sports Champions, Anita Włodarczyk presented herself in a spectacular white suit with a sequin jacket. It is a project of Viola Piekut. Fans spared no compliments about the thresher. “You looked phenomenal”, “You are divine”, “Beautiful woman”, “But you’re a coquette. You look beautiful” – they delighted in the comments.

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