Anitta, Shakira, Sepultura… On TBT day, remember remarkable musical partnerships of ‘The Voice Kids’ technicians | 2022

Nothing like uniting talents, right? 🎼 In music, the feat it suits perfectly to join creative forces and take artists to new adventures, whether working with musicians of the same musical genre, or exploring new rhythms and expanding sonic horizons.

With so many decades of experience on stage and in the studio, the technicians of The Voice Kids accumulate remarkable partnerships in music. Carlinhos Brown, Michel Teló and Maiara & Maraisa have already been alongside important names on the national scene and even with great world stars.

On this #TBT day, remember some striking partnerships from the technicians below!

Carlinhos Brown with Shakira and Anitta — Photo: Reproduction Globo/Instagram

Before debuting as a solo singer, Carlinhos Brown was already a much sought-after musician, accumulating partnerships as an instrumentalist and composer. He thinks of a great name in Brazilian music. He thought? So it is very likely that this person has already worked with Brown.

From Caetano Veloso to Sepultura, from Elza Soares to Nando Reis, the Bahian has already joined his creative force with many important people, signing hits that burst into the voices of other artists, such as the famous song “Amor, I Love You”.

One of the most remarkable feats of Brown’s career was the singer’s participation in “La La La”, a song by Shakira released to celebrate the 2014 World Cup, held in Brazil. The Colombian star wasn’t the only pop diva Brown worked with.

The Voice Kids coach has already released singles in partnership with Anitta (in “Africanitta”), IZA (“Rebola”, which also features Gloria Groove) and Lexa (“Tamo Junto”).

Maiara & Maraisa in a joint show with Marília Mendonça — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

There’s no way to talk about feats by Maiara & Maraisa, not to mention the duo’s intense bond with singer Marília Mendonça, who died in a plane crash in November last year. In addition to collaborations on stage and in the studios, the Patroas had a beautiful friendship with the Queen of Sofrência. Together, the friends released three albums with hits such as “Esqueça-me Se For Capaz” and “Bebaça”.

In addition to the partnership with Marília, Maiara & Maraisa have already released songs with other great names in contemporary sertanejo, such as Jorge & Mateus, Bruno & Marrone and Fernando & Sorocaba. The Patroas also ventured into other musical genres in singles with Léo Santana, DENNIS, MC Don Juan and Os Barões da Pisadinha.

Michel Teló has already partnered with Seu Jorge — Photo: Disclosure

About musical partnerships, Michel Teló understands very well! After the success of “Ai Se Eu Te Pego”, a symbol-song of a new moment in country music, Teló participated in the Bem Sertanejo project, which began as a part of Fantástico and became an album and tour. In the project, Teló met with the great names of the sertanejo to celebrate the heritage of the genre, including Chitãozinho & Xororó, Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano and Almir Sater.

In addition to the sertanejo, Teló has recorded with artists such as Seu Jorge (in “Diz Aí”), Sorriso Maroto (in “É Nóis Fazê Parapapá”) and with Dominican singer Prince Royce (in “Te Dar Um Beijo”).

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