Anna Dereszowska complains about her partner. It talks about tears, not being accepted

In November last year, Anna Dereszowska revealed that she intends to radically change her life, which will be helped by her move to Masuria and a new business. In June this year. the media reported that the actress is expecting a third child.

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In the last interview for “Twój Styl” Anna Dereszowska talked about building a house in Masuria. She did not hide that it was a great challenge that consumed a lot of energy and led to tensions with her partner, Daniel Duniak.

Anna Dereszowska told about the quarrels with her partner

Anna Dereszowska honestly confessed in an interview that she cannot always count on her partner’s support. They have quarrels.

“You have to watch the construction site, I’m pregnant, two children and work up to my ears! And Daniel is a rationalist and sometimes I hear: “Honey, I asked for something and you didn’t do it.” My hormones are crazy, so tears immediately come to my eyes and I go to fight: »If you are so smart, take the child to the doctor yourself, do some shopping!«. I have a very supportive and affectionate dad. Sometimes I miss Daniel’s unconditional acceptance and forbearance. Dad keeps repeating: »Little mouse, you can do it, you are intelligent, resourceful, beautiful«. When you hear such things – you fly high “- revealed Anna Dereszowska.

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The actress also told about the signs that helped her make a plot choice.

“We were looking for a habitat for us in Masuria. The plot Daniel found seemed too large. But when I got there, the memories of my mother came back – she died when I was nine. As long as she was alive, we spent our holidays in Masurian Siemiany each year. I remember a scene: we are driving along a country road, mom asks dad: let’s stop here! We go into the forest, my mother whispers to my brother: look, there is a butterfish! Then to me, to make it fair: Mouse, there! We collected the entire basket … When Daniel and I came to Ławki, it was May, too early for mushrooms. And I open the car door, stick my leg out, and under my foot – a butterfish! I assumed it was a sign“- Anna Dereszowska confessed in an interview.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Anna Dereszowska and Daniel Duniak

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