Anna Lewandowska advertises new hair products in an unusual way. In the video, the trainer is topless!

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Anna Lewandowska made sure not to be known only from her marriage to Robert Lewandowski. She created her own fitness empire, started a catering company and started a brand with natural cosmetics. The trainer decided to show off new hair products at InstaStories, but they take a back seat.

Inept photo retouching of Małgorzata RozenekInept photo retouching of Małgorzata Rozenek. She had a lot of Photoshop mishaps

Anna Lewandowska decided to take an unusual step. Topless advertises hair products

Anna Lewandowska has repeatedly promoted products signed with her name. This time, however, she chose a rather original way to advertise new hair care products. The brand of Anna Lewandowska is very successful and is also dynamically developing, introducing new product lines. The newest products are hair preparations.

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Lewandowska published a short recording on InstaStories, in which she stands with her back to the mirror in the bedroom. The trainer waves her hair from side to side, showing the condition of the hair after using shampoo and conditioner, but it was not the hair that played the first fiddle there. Much more attention was drawn to the fact that Ania was filmed wearing only pants.

I must admit that Anna Lewandowska knows how to make it loud about her. Do you think that more products will be advertised in this way? Have you used cosmetics from the trainer brand? What is your opinion on them?

Anna LewandowskaAnna Lewandowska Photo Instagram @annalewandowskahpba

Anna LewandowskaWhat do the nooks and crannies of Lewandowska’s showroom hide? There is a swing and a display case with vases

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