Anna Lewandowska has started the holidays! A huge Christmas tree is already dressed!

Christmas is a great time that some people look forward to all year long! Who doesn’t like a wonderfully decorated house for Christmas, the smell of a real Christmas tree, colorful baubles and a blaze of lights. No wonder that some of the excitement start Christmas earlier than usual.

Christmas is also a special time for celebrities who often share photos of their beautifully decorated homes. However, the “holiday season” on Instagram doesn’t start until mid-December. However, there are also those who cannot stay outside for good, and winter will enter for good and start much earlier.

This year, at the Lewandowski family, she decided not to wait until Christmas with the Christmas tree on. Well, they decided that it was not worth waiting even until December! Anna Lewandowska published a charming photo on her Instagram in which Klara is decorating a Christmas tree.

Anna Lewandowska broke her record. She decorated the Christmas tree a day earlier than last year. It seems Christmas is an extremely important event for the Lewandowski familythat the whole family is eagerly waiting for.

And you, when do you decorate your Christmas trees?

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