Anne Hathaway worries about how her new pandemic comedy will be received

The actress, remembering the hatred that fell on her after her role in last year’s family comedy “The Witches”, approached quite cautiously to recommend her next film. In the previous production with her participation, she was accused of disguising herself as a witch with deformed hands – like in patients with ectrodactyly – spreading the stereotype of the “terrifying cripple”. Then she apologized to those who felt offended, and began her statement at that time with the words: “I do everything in my power to be sensitive to the feelings and experiences of others.”

Now – probably expecting controversy over the dramatic realities of coronavirus social isolation at the core of Locked Down, and the premiere of the comedy taking place during riots caused by supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump, she wrote on her instagram profile: “It’s strange feeling to promote a movie – especially a comedy – in such unprecedented times … Please know that – just like you – I am shocked by the events of last week. Like you, I am trying to work through what happened at the summit, trying to find some solid, emotional support in the quicksand of this pandemic, ”she confessed.

The actress noticed that the heroes of “Locked Down” are two lost messengers who find the strength needed to fight for joy in their lives, even in the current madness. “I think we all feel a little like this now …” added Anne Hathaway. And immediately she made a reservation: “I hope that my post will be seen in the context of the old tradition, that” the show must go on “I also hope that this film will bring some relief, give you a smile and make you feel less lonely during such a great pain and loss “- the actress finished her entry.

Celebrity followers quickly dispelled her fears, writing that a romantic comedy set in the realities of a pandemic is not inappropriate. The dominant statement in the comments is that this is exactly what people need now. In the movie “Locked Down” directed by Doug Liman (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, “The Bourne Identity”, “On the Edge of Tomorrow”), Chiwetel Ejiofor (“Captive”, “Doctor Strange”) stars next to Anne Hathaway. The trailer can be viewed on YouTube, by typing: “Locked Down | Official Trailer | HBO Max “.

The HBO Max service – according to unofficial announcements yet – is to be delivered to Poland in the second half of this year. (PAP Life)

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