Another city does not want Najman’s gala. The president’s unequivocal answer

On Saturday, a press conference was held before the MMA-VIP 4 gala – the fourth event of the celebrity fight federation founded by Marcin Najman. During the conference, Najman introduced the “boss” of the federation. To the music from “The Godfather”, a masked man wearing a tuxedo appeared on the stage. It turned out that he is the well-known former gangster Andrzej Zieliński pseud. “Słowik”, the former leader of the so-called “Pruszkow mafia”, whose members in the 1990s were involved in smuggling, assaults, racketeering, drug trafficking, kidnapping or contract killings. For such crimes, “Słowik” spent many years in prison.

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Najman’s show had wide coverage in the Polish media. Also, many fans expressed their disgust that a former gangster became the head of the organization and its face. The criticism that fell on Najman’s federation meant that the gala, which was to be held in Kielce, will not take place in this city.

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– This is an outrageous matter. The gala, which would be held under the patronage of the former gangster, should not and certainly will not take place in Kielce – said Jarosław Karyś, chairman of the Kielce city council, member of the PiS club, in an interview with

“Definitely not in Pruszków”

Najman himself referred to such information on social media on Tuesday. – And one more word about the fact that MOSiR in Kielce will not sign a contract for renting a hall for MMA-VIP 4, because Andrzej Zieliński showed up there. Do you really think this is a problem for us? Najman asked, then tapped his forehead with his finger.

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On Monday Najman himself suggested in social media that the gala could be held in Pruszków. “Well … if not in Kielce, maybe in Pruszków MMA-VIP 4?” – he wrote on Twitter.

It is already known that this city will not reach out to Najman either. – To the question: if not in Kielce, maybe in Pruszków? My answer is: in Pruszków definitely not – said the president of Pruszków – Paweł Makuch – quoted by the portal

And he added: – In the history of our city we can find many more events that we should be proud of. The few years associated with the criminal activities of several residents is not a period that we should be proud of. I definitely prefer Pruszków to be associated with good events, such as, for example, from the past – the success of the basketball club, or from the present – the best urban stage of the Barbórka Rally.

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“Słowik” is not the only person from the 90s criminal community who was to appear at the gala. One of the main fights is to be Najman’s duel with other ex-gangster – “Miśek” from Nadarzyn. It is worth noting that this – despite numerous accusations – has never been sentenced for belonging or leading a criminal group.

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